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  1. As stated previously; RP sims are funded by people who love RP, my group has two RP sims that are funded by 4 people & managed by approximately 10 GMs, that manage & run the day to day activities. There are ups & downs, but rentals & store locations don't even make a dent in monthly expenses. Running & maintaining RP sims is expensive work, you have to constantly update to stay relevant & not to mention builds & furnishings. We don't break even or even turn a profit, but it's all done for the fun of the RP; everything else is secondary.
  2. There are actually still quite a few RP sims for heroes, depending on your preference, a quick search will give you a listing; you can also look me up in-world, where I have links to two Hero RP sims listed in my pics. If not, best of luck in your search!
  3. That sounds like Katana Wooley;I know he charges extravagante prices for custom AVs;you can probably look around for some that are more affordable. I myself make custom AVs, but not many Furry types, but my prices are nowhere near that high. There are a few other content creators I know that won't charge you an arm & a leg for an AV; if you have any questions feel free to contact me in SL. Good luck in your search.
  4. This has actually happened to me before,I'm not actually sure HOW it happened but somehow my SL bridge became corrupted & kept playing a sound file over & over again that no 1 but me could hear. I had removed all my attachments & eventually worked my way to that being the only thing attached to me & when I removed it; it all stopped. You'll have to go to preferences & there's an option for the bridge,just uncheck the box. Hope that helps you.
  5. I use a smiler on my AV,it has 1 smile & not the one I've seen that does 3-4 diff random smiles. My AV has a slight smile to begin with, so a full smile looks more natural than the cat-walk stare 99% of every AV walking around SL has. I prefer it to not using it; as stated before, it's my world,my choice. Hating them is as bad as hating those mega-boobs you see AVs wearing around SL; I don't LIKE em & would never wear em myself but quite a few people do; it's their decion & I respect their decision to wear 'em. Smilers aren't going away, you'll just have to get over it & live
  6. It's all personal preference on how YOU decide YOUR AV looks;if you're comfortable with your AV having the same diability as your RL persona does, it's your right to do so. Maybe even make a story as to why,since you're a neko it could be due to some altercation with another 'Hey, you think THIS is bad, you should see the other guy!'. I have a friend in SL that has a bad leg in RL but prefers not to display that on his AV, which is fine cus it's his choice, but he also states that he's not over 7' in RL either. It's good to break from the norm & do your own thing
  7. How many is a lot of prims? SL will only let you link 256 prims max for a single object & anything that is (roughly) 32m from the center of the root prim will not link & you will recieve a message that they are too far apart & unable to link; with that in mind, the above suggested action will work for linking.
  8. It actually looks like a problem with the alpha layer,that I assume makes your feet & lower legs invisible for your particular AV, it's possible that they 'cut' too much around the feet area. I'm not sure why it would carry over to other skins & the male test,as that would remove all skins. However, there have been times I did the female test & still had my skin on,so it's POSSIBLE that the alpha layer isn't coming off when you do that test; do others see it or is it just you? That could help to find out if it's just on your end or SL end.
  9. I think you may be pushing the envelope at ALLOWING her to be called 'little girl', with her being under 5' calling her that would only draw attention to her height & that she is being called little girl or any other type of child-like referance like that. From what I read your char was from a chat type RP rather than a visual 1; that can make a difference as peoplecan actually 'see' what she looks like & some may say 'hmm....I never imagined her to look so young....' Most chat based sites are less restricting on content than SL is, The best you can do is to use your own discretion &am
  10. If it's not known yet, the Saban Corp filed a copyright infringement notice with LL on their Power Rangers TM. LL removed the items from in-world & from the inventory of 1 or more residents related to this infraction. They searched for names related to the Power Rangers but did not pull every item from inventory to look at them 1 by 1. I don't think most SL residents really care about WHAT the items are on the marketplace enough to flag em. LL did put out a notice last year that if you don't own the copyright, or licenced with 1, NOT to sell these items on the marketplace. There was a shor
  11. The scripting also makes it easier to set up split-pays;most vendors have a site that you can set up like 70% for you & the remaining percent to 1 or more others. When the vendor is paid, you get the money then it splits it for the % set up, otherwise you will have to calculate the % everytime something is paid to you, which can add up if you are not online and you get 100 sales; if the items are all diff prices you will have to calculate the % for each 1. But as previously stated, you DON'T have to because when it is paid you will automatically get paid, so if it's just YOU getting the $$
  12. Do you have payment information on file as well? Some sims will block that even if you have age verification.
  13. Shortness in SL will ALWAYS be a problem & as most said; it's a matter of what your AV looks like. Unfortunately when a lot of us shorties complain that we are percieved as child AVs, it always comes from those that DO look like children. My AV is short & I have freckles & have a tendancy to wear glasses (all 3 are RL me characteristics), but in a sim that is considered to be mature/adult, I make sure that my clothes are more adult related. It's ok if you want your AV to be a pixie, but they're REALLY tiny, so you shouldn't be offended when someone that owns/runs the sim you happen
  14. I have a sim with open space for vendors; send me an in-world IM or NC if interested.
  15. I may be able to help with that; send me an in-world IM or NC (NC preferably;I get capped daily).
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