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  1. Hello dear Linden developers,

    personally I find this new function very interesting and I already made some first good experiences with it (especially on elevator development).

    But I am very disappointed about the currently available testing facilities:

    - the only two available regions "Sandbox - Weapons testing" and "Sandbox - Bispinor" are still set to 15 min auto-delete for more than 2 weeks !  This makes a more detailed software development and testing nearly impossible.

    --> Could you please extend this "auto-delete" time to a more practical value or

    --> update some other sandboxes with this new function in order to allow further detailed testing ?


    Thank you and Best Regards,



    EDIT 10-26-2011:

    Meanwhile I am not able to test any code even on these both sandboxes: the new functions seem to be removed.

    In addition, I cannot test even a simple application on one of the RC region sandboxes in Agni:
         Blue Steel / Magnum / LeTigre.

    Has development of this new function been cancelled (or do I miss any information abou it) ?



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