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  1. Agreed Peewee, this snafu with LL has made me basically leave SL until it is fixed. It is extremely and wholly uncomfortable to me to continue being in world while my ex's name is still in my profile. It prevents me from exploring any and all romantic relationships and puts me in an awkward position. I had to write a long letter to my ex, explaining the situation and even made sure to link to him the JIRA so that he knew I wasn't playing some sort of game with him. I have it written in my profile to disregard the name in my partner box, but honestly? It looks like a joke or some dramatic weirdness to have this explanation in my profile, even with the links as evidence to my claims. *sighs* Who would have thought SL divorce would become so much like RL divorce LOL?
  2. This answer is marked simply because I received an email from LL telling me I needed to mark an answer as a solution. Since speaking to LL was all I had left well this is the one that got marked. Please refer to my comments in my edited posting for details as this problem is NOT SOLVED>
  3. Am on the phone with LL as we speak and the first thing he told me was of course to send in a web support ticket. I promptly told him that I already had. Then he proceeded to tell me that because I'm only a basic account that my ticket is one they do not support. He did tell me that Linden Labs is aware of the bug and will hopefully be addressing it in future updates. He told me to continue checking the JIRA, keep making comments and all that jazz. So basically I have to annoy the hell out of Linden Labs for now and hope that an update comes out soon to allow me to be able to be truly divorced from my ex. I am so frustrated right now!
  4. Yes this is going to be my next attempt at a solution because this has become ridiculous. I have been IM'd in world by a couple others who are in the same boat. I asked friends in world if they had any experience with this and all of them were astonished at this problem. I have honestly at this point considered deleting my account I'm so frustrated with this. I had a Linden representative write me to tell me I needed to mark some of these answers and I have half a mind to write him back saying, "When my problem is solved then I will mark one! How about getting around to solving this rather ridiculous and extremely uncomfortable problem of mine in the meantime!" *grumbles* Thank you for your continued efforts and if anything changes I'll be happy to post it ASAP.
  5. I changed my password a few days ago after seeing your suggestion and it didn't help I've added my notes and screenshots to the JIRA but I have yet to see any further action being taken. Still showing partnered to my ex...so frustrating! I appreciate you drawing my attention to the JIRA.
  6. Thank you for all of your suggestions. I am in the process of following all of them. I have now added my comments to the JIRA as well as a file compiling the screenshot of our two profiles, a copy of my transaction record and a copy of the error I receive in trying to "redissolve" the partnership showing that LL is still recognizing me as partnered. I was told by LL that because I am not a premium account member that I cannot submit a ticket. Thank you all for your suggestions and will continue to keep updating as more info becomes available to me.
  7. Here was my original post: I dissolved my partnership with my ex nearly two weeks ago. I have the transaction record and everything. In his profile I am no longer his partner but in mine, he is still listed. I tried to dissolve the partnership again and it gave an error. I tried putting in a ticket but never got a response. I tried having an alt partner me and the system claims I am still partnered. Does anyone know if the partnership system is bugged? This is rather uncomfortable having his name still in my profile... As of today, nearly a month later I have no solution yet whatsoever. I called Linden Labs directly and their answer was to keep basically spamming the JIRA and the forums so that the LL developers take note but also that LL developers are aware of the bug and will hopefully come out with an update soon which will address the situation. So the long and short of it--I am stuck in an extremely uncomfortable situation for the foreseeable future, partnered to my ex and unable to fix it. I guess RL and SL are becoming more synonymous every day!
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