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  1. What gets me are sims that have rules saying that if you play there they have the right to reproduce any thing you say in chat or IM and by playing there you agree to let them. No, it doesn't matter what they say, it's against the ToS. Even quoting chat or IM in an AR to LL is against the ToS technically, you have to tell them date, time and location (if any) and name and they can quickly find it in their logs....including IMs
  2. Ah, that didn't occur to me. Will check it out with my alt tomorrow.
  3. LL mailed me and admitted it is a bug and although I do not have a Premium account have been told I can reply to the mail enclosing a scan of two government ID documents. Unfortunately my scanner is broken and there is no one else I know locally that has one so it's a matter of waiting a couple of weeks when I have time enough to travel to nearest Internet cafe with a scanner or hope LL fix this gigantic bug before then. From looking back at the jira it seems people are having similar issues with going the payment info route.
  4. I've seen live URL links in Group Charters, but, all my attepts to include one end in a link that has to be copy/pasted into a browser. How Do You Put a Live URL Link into a Group Charter?
  5. I'm trying to age verify an Alt. Have input to the form exactly the same data as my normal AV yet I am getting an error of Invalid Post Code. The post code is not invalid, all info is correct. I have tried several variations of it with space, hyphen etc. between the two halves, running the two halves together etc. all with the same result. It is as if SL is not recognising UK post codes any more whereas in the past I have had no problems. I managed to submit a ticket, but, there is no category for this issue and from past experiences LL tends to tell me as a Free account holder to get lost and
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