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  1. Dear Skell, It seems as though this solution you provided was my best option. It looks like all is well after I followed these steps. Thank you! Beryl
  2. Unfortunately lol..working on it.🙄
  3. It was just the one on my head, and yes the head and body is BoM enabled. I'm going to try a few suggestions and see how it turns out.
  4. i changed the windlight and it didnt show as bed but the problem still exists. i took off one head alpha and it looks like it helped a little.
  5. Can anyone assist? I recently had to fetch all inventory items and reload my avie because seeing myself as an orange cloud, and then this happened. See photo attachment. I'm wondering why the skin is looking like its not fully rezzed on the makeup areas and the body is not fully rendering. I have an AK head and maitreya body. I tried changing skins and it still wasnt going away. I also tried clicking on and off the BoM buttons on my Huds and didnt go away. Im actually not wearing any makeup layers either its only 1 base skin, and ive tried several. Any tips would be appreciated.
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