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  1. Deutsche Telekom just sent me a message they will further investigate this problem tomorrow morning because they are going to bed now, haha those obscure RL people at their best!
  2. same for me, germany, default viewer, rest of www is doing fine, SL broke (ARRG)
  3. same here, SL still broke, i will contact my provider but since everything else regarding www is working perfect i have doubts bout this solution. well kudos, at least i am not alone with that problem!
  4. well, things getting worse. after the latest update my viewer crashes 1/1 before showing the login mask. there are many threads here about this problem, i ve tried everything i read there from cleaning temp datas to completely remove SL and install again. restarting the router. cleaning the system32... seems not to be a problem for many people. but for me. i surrender, i am too stupid to use second life.
  5. yargg, thanks for the feedback mates!!
  6. had bad problems with the update today. a bunch of ten files produced an error message on replacing the files during the update. logged in by using Nirans Viewer. did work = default viewer update related. so i tried to update my viewer several times, kept receiving error messages that it is not possible to replace a few files. went to the download site and installed the latest viewer manually like the viewer told me to. did not work out. not possible to replace the files. afterwards i cleared the viewer completely from my computer and installed it new. same problem. de-installed it again, opened the folder and found the nasty files. removed them manually, still was not able to delete them because they are opened in second life, but moving it to another folder worked out. re-installed the viewer with empty folder and ba-dum-tis back online again. after re-starting my computer i was even able to delete the nasty ten even! *sweats* perhaps i should have tried this first..? i was not able to find anything proper here in forums about this yucky experience. cause i am a quite experienced computer user i was able to come back online after feeling a bit stupid for a while... but i wonder how the common joe would deal with this. so... can anyone tell the lindens to send out some tech guys and some usability lindens too, please? or is that stupid user behave by my side? ^^^ well, thought i share in public how i like to spend my free time here >.< ahoi!
  7. Mr. Bones Sings, In Tall Buildings Inside this blog on New World Notes about my latest Machinima i left some explanations on how it was made too that you may find useful. Yarr! ^_^
  8. I made a machinima using an effect to suddenly make my shadow run away from my avatar. i thought could be interesting for others too how it was made. so i am posting it here: to make this i used fraps to record, sony vegas to cut and adobe after effects for the green-screen-effect. i know after effects may be too expensive but still you could have some fun then with the 30 day trial. i dont know other ways to work with a green-screen-effect than AE. (anyone knows a different program that does it too?) so, the video is made out of three different layers + the title: 1) first i simply only recorded the wall as a background. 2) second i recorded mrs. bones without shadow in front of a green prim. i did cut her out of that with the keylight-effect in AE. here is a link how to do that. it works with video too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxwtO8mlpCM 3) third i activated the shadows and recorded mrs bones again with the shadow and used the rectangle-tool to only have the shadow in the picture being used. or you simply zoom a bit into the picture with your fixed flightcam and then walk behind the cam while still recording the shadow. be aware if you set your prim in the background to light the shadow will disappear. simply use a normal green instead (or any othe´ color that is the most far away from the color of your avatar in general). all three together worked out to have an awol-shadow here + working liek this with layers makes little details possible like the shadow is above the sprayed title on the wall. no idea if this was interesting for anyone, i say AHOY hope it inspired you!! ^^ for me it felt quite tricky to have this managed. enjoy! (fineprint: the experimental shadows in SL work for me since i had to buy a new computer. no chance before. hope they will become standard soon!)
  9. same same for me, seems to be a problem with LL not with us. would be sad to loose my land because of this. i had problems with getting lindens twice before. both times it helped to re-enter the credit card data new. i will try, but tho there is a new screen comin up with a loading-animation i believe there is anythign going wrong at the lab.
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