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  1. Jaen Albatros wrote: Jessika.Rang wrote: Jaen Albatros wrote: Contrary to what some people have said, there was nothing in it that said we thought she hadn't done anything wrong. This is, like a triple negative sentance... what the heck do you mean? Are you saying you knew she was being stupid and flippant and you didn't/don't care? Are you saying she was wrong and you knew it and didn't warn her? Are you saying she was being stupid, flippant and wrong and you just want her back anyway? I miss Keli too, her posts were/are funny and entertaining, I am just trying to sort out what you mean by the above double speak (maybe triple speak) Nope, i'm not saying any of those things. It's simply a denial of what people have said was in the pulled thread, ie; one poster said the thread was full of posts saying she (Keli) hadn't done anything wrong. I am refuting that statement...it was not full of posts saying she hadn't done anything wrong. You know, it's great that you're defending your point and all, but can we let this thread either draw new supporters or die down? We got it. The user's on administrative hold, and from what I'm reading, it's happened twice in two months. She should know by now, stop breaking rules, wash behind your ears, all that. There are reasons for these rules, I would imagine. Regards.
  2. Well, I've been seeing this discussion bumped around a lot, and I have to say one thing. You can flame me for it, but I think it's a pretty well-put-together argument, and I hope this will be seen as reasonable. If not, well, love me or hate me I guess . Before you read this, if you don't like walls of text, here's the full summary in just a few sentences: Let keli take her slap on the wrist for this. She messed up and broke a rule. It happens. Hopefully her good reputation and unlikeliness to have broken any rules prior to this incident will prove to be helpful in LL's final decision. In the meantime, chill, be patient. I'm sure you'll all see your friend in-world soon enough. Full post Why post this on a forum which is always talked about as never being monitored? The only thing being accomplished from this is getting attention. However, this doesn't seem to help either, as I doubt LL cares for in-game reputation, or any of the sort. Yes, right now, LL is most likely investigating Keli. Sure, you can call LL evil, but they're following through on their own rules. And why should she be given the royal treatment? LL has a lot of things to worry about, I could imagine. From ARs, other investigations, and maintaining SL itself, well, I'm not surprised it's taking a while. Why should LL take priority in this? So far I've seen, "we love you keli! Free her! Free her!" Well, that's fine and all, but what about other users? I'm sure there are a great deal of users being investigated or who have been investigated and they would be/are going through a similar process. Why not just make a giant list of names to try and speed things up a little for them too? Doesn't work. Keli broke a rule, and changed her display name to that of a linden. It doesn't matter if you write in a group tag or show any indication that you are not a linden, it gets people confused and some people actually will think you are a Linden. Surprise, surprise? Not really. It's just common sense. Starting a web-petition to try and get LL to take priority for one user who broke the rules is arrogant and pointless. Make movements, in-game marches, news articles, the whole deal, but LL will be dealing with things their way. And rightfully so, considering they made SL. Again, I haven't read much on this subject, so it's possible I'm entirely wrong in my statement and don't even understand what's going on, but that's what I remember reading from a week or two back, and I truly don't mean to offend. I just find it annoying that people take this so seriously. It's a game. You broke a rule. It happens. I'm sure we've all been there, whether it be on here or another game. Or forums. Not that big of a deal. Please stop making it such a touchy, dramatic show. It's not warrented.
  3. I would really hope this isn't real and that someone actually got hit with disciplinary action for a misreading of display names. It only takes a few brain cells to notice the true name of a user (that's why they call it a username, right? ) directly underneath the display name. Unless, of course, people decide to, for whatever reason, turn off this option because they find the idea of mistaking one person for a completely different one exciting (they say getting lost with someone is romantic, I suppose simply being lost works under the same principle, if you catch my hint ) Great story though!
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