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  1. Phew! Lot of catching up to do on this thread! As a vehicle creator and the organizer of the naval community it's good to see lots of love for vehicles up there. Though now i'm tempted to make some automated water taxis but y'all might kill me >.>
  2. All the new little waterways and airports make me excited to finish my little lake amphibian and take it up the continental bridge
  3. Actually opened up a couple days ago. Taken a few nice long flights from the gulf to places like Abbots. Be careful of Bolga(i think it was) though it'll crash you, meant to report that to concierges today but got caught up in work and forgot >.<
  4. Trying to claim one of the new homes but seems i'm only allowed to move into the old ones....or did i miss something?
  5. As a vehicle builder/scripter and also being a part of the gulf community I certainly am ecstatic about these possibilities. I miss traveling around exploring the grid and finding new and interesting things. Though yes the ban lines and security orbs are now at oppressive levels, even on parcels that I suspect are not even really in use anymore. Still I think I can speak for those of us in our little asylum of the gulf when I say we are looking forward to this happening.
  6. I do like how the new homes will be connected to the mainland, Can have a home in one of the marina slips and set out in your boat or plane to explore the grid like I used to years ago. Few otehr things that would be fun too but don't want to hope for too much lol
  7. While I can concede the point of the others that the straight line would be easier to navigate I think it would be better and more fun to have the water way wrap around the continent too. Fair enough it's easier to navigate but it's also boring to navigate and by keeping the waterway next to the continent it leaves the connected land open for new seaports and airports in addition to the residential we'd obviously expect. I also think it leaves more room available for later expansion in the long run if things work out really well. Also having a set of angled sims would provide a more sufficient buffer for those concerned about the proliferation of the warships as those looking to just cause trouble are less likely to take the trouble of navigating the tedium, not that they could do much without rez other than smoke and make flashing lights lol
  8. *puts on his best Sigmund Freud voice* "And now....tell me how this makes you feel...."
  9. Well I invite you to come sail the gulf and tell me how many times you get attacked in a non-combatant ship.
  10. To be fair the majority of the guys keep things clean and friendly, we're a community like any other. There are always a few bad eggs but we do the best we can to keep them at bay. And if they shoot at you shoot back maybe you'll have some fun
  11. @Patch Linden Been lurking and keeping an eye on this. As the owner of Tulagi and Guadalcanal I'd be willing to make some adjustments if you wanted to make space for a connection to the northern portion of the Jeogeot Gulf. I know our community of sailors and pilots here would love the opportunity to take long cruises to the other continents.
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