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  1. Haha, another wonderful Dres post. Anyway, I don't mind leaving a more sincere response because the OP seems to be genuinely seeking information for research purposes- and as for being "offended", I am more or less impossible to offend. I do understand that many people come to SL to avoid their RL restraints or illnesses/ailments/etc., but if so then you could choose not to click on this thread or to reply to it :matte-motes-bashful: Actually, yes, I would forego the funeral unless it was going to be a celebration, and I'd prefer to probably pass my account on to someone else. I have spent
  2. I've known of a few people who died in RL, or had seriously declining/deteriorating health. One case was in a roleplay sim, where the roleplayer was well-known and loved by many of the others in that sim. When they died in RL, the sim had a sort of an out-of-character ritual/ceremony where people were able to mourn and talk about the deceased. The RP sim had a small graveyard near the church, so they put a headstone there in honour of that player who had died. Other than that I haven't seen too much about people dying RL, although I know one of the other admin in that sim died of cancer, and
  3. I wouldn't be able to adequately answer this question, as the 4 years or so I've been in SL I've been more or less single. Things just never seemed to work out for me. I can say, though, that I've avoided a lot of drama that way. :matte-motes-impatient:
  4. Frankly it's too difficult to really verify who someone is on SL (they can send fake pics, have a friend go on microphone or webcam, or use footage of someone else... it's really not that hard with the available software that's out there). It's so darn easy to fake this kind of thing. If someone is putting themself forward as being whatever then I would accept them as what they put themselves forward as on that avi. If their avi is male I treat them as male, if their avi is female i treat them as female... I don't worry about what they are RL because that doesn't really matter to me. We ar
  5. I wrote a long post that amounted to an explanation of how you can get people to RP with you, and a rant about why I hate SL RP, but of course the magic of SL forums failed to post this and instead decided to fail to autosave my entire post... which just seems so typical of things these days. I've RPed in endless sims over 3-4 years, including: Toxian City, Eerie Isle, Realm of Terabithia, Ragallach (now defunct), Everwind (defunct), Mystara, Llorkh, Golgothica (defunct), Legacies, Perdition, Mugen Kuppuku, Midian City, The Crack Den, numerous Gorean sims, and god knows how many other locatio
  6. Rolling pins AND hair curlers! You are one sexy mama! Hot diggity!
  7. My advise would be to find something you like and learn in that field. All talents, be they people skills, artistic, literary, organising or selling are needed in SL. It's not only builders and scripters. A lot of people don't script or create objects but offer us invaluable services like opening up and maintaining venues where we can hear music, host and organize events, sing or play an instrument, invent scenarios and quests for our role play. Unfortunately, most things require, at bare minimum, money. You make it sound relatively simplistic, but it's not easy for new users. You want
  8. Opensource, maybe the reason West asks if LL even consulted members is because LL does, to some extent, have a tradition of asking its members things. You might remember logging in to SL to find a screen asking if your "SL experience has gotten better or worse, and why" with a comment box for reasons. I don't know whether LL actually ever read even a fraction of these, but it was an interesting concept nonetheless, and can help the regular user to feel like their opinion matters. In an interview I found on youtube, the original founder of SL used to give similar questionnaires out to his
  9. My intention is not to create a massive flame war because of this comment... So I won't name any names, in order to avoid anyone from any particular community/group getting upset and raging at me or turning this into a Us vs. Them. Frankly, I like to hope we're better than and can maintain a civil discussion, but I can see how these kinds of things can get out of hand. So, without naming any names... Yes. I do judge people, to some extent by their avi. I judge them by the quality of their avi and by the particular avi that they select (at that given moment anyway). I do not only judge them
  10. I think the general answer everyone has given you is "time", and I guess I will add to that chorus. It really does take time. For me, I am the type of person where I become fascinated in one narrow thing and will obssessively learn about it until I know as much as can possibly be known before moving on to the next. I have a thirst for knowledge that only lasts so long as my interest in an area, and then when I know sufficiently I quickly lose interest and move on. A lot of my knowlege came from outside of SL to be honest. Almost 11 years ago now, I learned HTML, Java, Javascript, and oth
  11. Ever since the sim I had my home at closed up, I have begun working in a sandbox. To be honest, my home was on land owned by a friend, and generously provided for free. However, my friend was nearly never on SL for months at a time, and the manager in charge of the land was given no powers to even ban people from the land. I was griefed really badly during that time by some guy who told me I should commit suicide, and who would constantly harass me. I ended up muting him (he is one of the only two people i have ever had to mute in SL). At whcih point, he began rezzing prim all over my buil
  12. Glad if I could help to paint a clearer picture, and thanks for the welcome Dres. Of course, as an addendum, my previous post merely outlines what I believe the law suggests, based on binding precedents. There is also the reality of the situation. Realistically speaking, LL (nor any other company) will typically engage in a law suit unless there is money to be gained. Law suits are expensive and lengthy processes. That means, while they are able to take action (suspension/wiping of your account) without fear of a legal battle, so long as they act within the ToS, LL will be highly unlik
  13. It is true that people come and go from SL. The reason for this are numerous. I know examples of people who simply took breaks for a certain length of time from SL. I have done this myself, though not usually longer than a few months at a time. A common cause of becoming occupied and not having time for SL is because of RL obligations. It is understandable, because RL obligations tend to trump SL ones. I know examples of people who vanish from SL completely, perhaps never to return again. Sometimes people forget, but there is a wealth of other places on the internet to interact with people
  14. Solar Legion wrote: Like it or not, most of the US is comprised of single party consent states. Only one person in a conversation needs to give their consent to legally allow them to "record" and do whatever they please with the conversation (within reason). To sum this up? Are the disclaimers legal? Why yes, yes they are. Do they circumvent the ToS? No - no they do not. Can someone log you and then share the log over other web sites/message systems? Yes - yes they can. ToS or not, you IM a person, they have every legal right to log the conversation and pass it on if the need arises. A
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