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  1. I'm not new to the mesh craze (my whole avatar is mesh now, since my recent purchase of a bento head). While I love all the advances with mesh that have been made in-world, there's one thing that has yet to change...the limited number of attachment points. Normally I wouldn't complain, because I try not to use up my measly 38 point limit. But, with all the mesh and bento items available, along with accessories for them, I don't believe 38 attachment points is enough anymore. I'd be happy if LL raised the limit to 45 at least, because for me that's all I really need. Please?? LOL
  2.  I've tried contacting Redgrave support, but no one has gotten back to me. If anyone can help me find this hair, I'd greatly appreciate it!
  3. I have one or two groups that I've created and are no longer active. Everyone that was in them has been deleted for months now, and I'm the only member of these groups, since I'm the owner of them. For some reason they haven't been deleted. Has this been happening to anyone else, and is there a way to make them delete? They're taking up space in my groups that could be used for active groups if I wish to join any more. I've never owned land with any of the groups I wish to have deleted, and it's been months that I've ejected everyone else to where I'm the only member. I don't know why LL hasn't deleted them, after a 48 hour period. I've tried to leave the groups, but because I'm the only member it won't let me leave them. It just tells me that someone else needs to be the owner of the group first if I try to leave.
  4. Thank you! I'll check out your suggestions and see if there's anything I like there, also! :-)
  5. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I didn't see any other options besides General Chat. If it's in the wrong place, I apologize. Anyway, I just bought an outfit on Marketplace, and one of the pictures had a model wearing a mesh hair that I'm interested in buying. I sent a notecard to the creator of the outfit, asking if he knew what the name of the hair was along with a photo of it attached, and he never responded. He was online at the time the notecard was sent. So, I thought I could try here and maybe have better luck in finding out. I'm also attaching the picture of the hair. Anyone who knows it and could tell me the name...I appreciate it greatly. Thank you. 
  6. Thank you both for your help! Rolig's script is the one I already have, which worked in the last version I had. I just tried Innula's and that didn't work, either. I've officially given up and just moved the ball where I won't have to see the hover text. LOL But feel free, anyone, to continue to add ideas...I'll be happy to try them! Thanks again! :-)
  7. I just updated my Intan Couple Dance Ball to the most recent version, v3, and the Remove Hover Text script I have no longer works with the new version. Every time I place the script into the Dance Ball, the ball resets and the hover text comes back. Is there a newer script I can use to remove the hover text? Or, does anyone know how to remove the text another way on the Intan Couple Dance Balls? Thanks! :matte-motes-big-grin:
  8. To prove you purchased the item, you'll have to log into your account on the SL website, and find where you purchased it in your transaction history. Then notecard the following: Item name The current date The date you purchased the item The ID prefix of the item The link to your transaction history (not sure if they can see it or not but it's further proof you're not lying anyway) The reason for contact Then send the notecard (with your name on the title of it) to the creator of the item or any staff management if they have them. With any luck they'll replace the item you purchased. Some places won't do it if it's been a long time since you bought the item, but I assume you've made this purchase recently? Hope I've been helpful to you. This information has really helped me when I've had the same kinds of issues. Good luck to you! :-)
  9. LOL It's no problem! :-) I'll be online at some point today, so maybe we'll catch each other instead of playing IM tag. LOL I actually played around with the feet some, and came as close as I could to matching the colors of my skins, and put the numbers I have on an NC so I wouldn't lose those at least...but I guess you could say I'm picky cause I like to be spot on with those things. Thank you so much for responding to me and wanting to help. It's greatly appreciated!! :-)
  10. No no no, I wasn't talking about you...I was talking about the creator at Noya. LOL Sorry, I should've been more specific about who I was referring with this. Anyway, it was the creator at Noya who told me about the color under cursor thing, not you. I apologize for the misunderstanding.
  11. I purchased prim feet from N-Core and need to match the color of the feet to my skin. The skins I use are: Noya Chloee Noya Sandi Does anyone know what the RGB value numbers are for these two skins? I already contacted the creator and all she told me was that I could use the "show color under cursor" option on the viewer to get the numbers. I've tried that numerous times and the numbers are always way off...so needless to say, that doesn't work. If anyone knows them and is willing to share them, please do. Thanks so much! :smileyhappy:
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