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  1. There is way more than just artifacts around The Moles made the Portal Park, the Cornfield (new one) , Winter Wonderland, the Halloween Tour, PaleoQuest, Linden Realms, Learning and Social Island and pretty much all the Premium Gifts.
  2. Well voting on things is ok, but then they should like add a little vote as part of the viewer loading screen,so that its not just us 10 people deciding Second Lifes fate
  3. ...you think about creating another "You know you're addicted to SL when..." Thread D:
  4. The fourth and fiths post sound like Ivan answering himself and no I don't think the same person is responsable for the spam, they want money.They should really block posting for a day after registration,it's always a new account.
  5. Yeaa, I don't think this going to happen.They just bought their own distribution platform called Desura. No idea how useful that will be in the future.
  6. I got one too, yea. Just a minute after I was invited to join a fake Belazza Gift VIP group for 500l$. Thats also the third time I got these pay2join group invites. I wonder why this has not happen more often in the past. Some people might fall for it If the price was lower. So yea, definately spam.
  7. I had that bug once and just exported the model as .obj, imported that and export it as dae then. Try that
  8. Awwr,I'd hoped they had no idea.Mine is stuck at around 16.000.Thats good enough to never tell them ^^
  9. Hey I had that problem to a while ago and I'm pretty sure that your model is just too small. Rez it on the ground, increase the size and then take it back. That should work
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