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  1. well said Oberon, one could also point out that how much real money you spend on your imaginary activities has no bearing on this conversation. people have been spending real money to bolster imaginary fantacy since long before the printed word. so go enjoy your SL, stop worry about what other people are or arenot doing that have no real affect upon you. Progeny status only matters in progeny. period. if you want to play then that is a different story. But do by all means keep ranting and raveing against us. Please go out and tell everyone that you know how bad we are, get
  2. Progeny Countermeasures LOL that's hilarious. Though any progeny vampire caught sharing private system information with non-players will be banned from the system. -- Now? do I care about non-players? I do and I don't. I see all non-players as potential players, so I do care to some degree. But let me be absolutely clear. The Status of any given avatar in Progeny has no bearing on you, your avatar or anything else unless you are a player of the system, this is why LL doesn’t care, because it doesn’t matter. Only if you want to play progeny does it matter and then getting your statu
  3. I have released the latest epesode of Behind the Fang. http://www.behindthefang.com/Episode5 Enjoy. www.progeny-vampire.com
  4. http://www.behindthefang.com/ New latest SLARP development meeting has been posted to Behind the Fang. Comment to above: Someone above said " even if Lachiel now admits to wanting to make a profit " I have never claimed otherwise, Others have frequently and consistently assumed different. My Policy is, and has always been: Everything "needed" to Play progeny is and will always will be Free. Many optional add on things have a free option or a fast for money option. many more completely optional and unnecessary things have a fee to support the system's development and operation.
  5. I cannot speak to the attitude of everyone who uses my system to do their roleplaying. But i do care about all people. That said. There is someetimes little i can do when people outside the system are involved. I have zero athority over people who are not in my system. Bybway of example i frequently get a complaint such as one of your players killed one of my family. I do the research and find no evedence of a progeny bite. The user then says yes they used the hungar hud to attack.. but the player is in your system My response always is. Hunger is not progeny. I have n
  6. New Progeny Vampire Podcast: Behind the Fang: epesode #1 and #2 are out now. www.behindthefang.com in these epesodes I speak with prominent members of our community about verious topics related to the system.
  7. Snowgoose, I launced the Marshals and later the Advocates, Inquisition and Arch Conclave Tribuneral. because for 3 years now I have mostly handeled these cases myself unilaterialy based on what ever evedence was presented at any given time. this system places a group of people in charge of alligations of abuse, ( and in-system law violations ) Marshals Investigate any alligation of abuse to the best of theri abbility, they report the findings to the Arch Vampire Conclave and the Inquisstion. those two bodies determin if there is enough evedence to hold a tribuneral. the accused can b
  8. there have in fact been a hand full of players banned for abusive behavior toward a non-player of the system. that said many situations that involve non-players are extreamly difficult for me to prove, I am not a lindon, I cannot access or verify private IM logs. or SIM records etc. 99% of such He Said She Said dose an shoud be reported to the lindons. if the lindons ever asked I would supply them with what ever information I have to support an investifation. but my system for the privatcy of it's players and everyone else only stores a very limited set of information nessissary to
  9. OH! I forgot please visit http://www.progeny-vampire.com for more informatin about the system or visit us at the Grave Designs SIM SIM: Grave Designs ( Home of Progeny: Vampire )
  10. Good Evening, As the creator of the Progeny: Vampire system. I though I would chime in here to correct a few minor misconceptions that have been said above. I do so at the risk of stopping this debate/rant, and trust me I do not want to do that. RevengingAngel1 and others. Keep it going please! Hate on me and my community all you want, I dig it. MC1-- Progeny was to be always free. NO! Many have had that idea, but it is not correct. Progeny IS and Always will be Free to Play. Meaning everything necessary to play is free or has a free option. The HUD / System is free, so long as y
  11. Hello All, I am Lachiel Vaher, In Progeny: Vampire I am known as “The Source” and am the creator of the system. First I would like the express my most sincere gratitude to Martin for all the publicity here. Since he started this rant, we have had many requests for information and seen a huge uptick in accepted new members. So thank you Martin for your contribution to the growth of my system. To everyone else, if you are interested in Progeny, I recommend you visit the website, Google “progeny vampire”, or come to the Progeny Vampire Caste, on the Grave Designs (175, 37, 22) SIM. Lach
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