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  1. All answers I got with this Dakota Linden are awful. We have a problem of delivery with marketplace, for years..... and I got many bad review for this reason. So it's the fault of who ? Dakota Linden, and this same person cause many bugs, and won't remove these reviews. My wish, I hope he will get fired, and replaced by a real programmer.
  2. I don't think the report can doing something. I have reported a product for child, 50 times, it has the Restrained Life Viewer function onto. wtf, why linden let these product on marketplace ? It's a shame.
  3. Ariel you don't understand the problem there. Some people are banned on the store, and buy the products on marketplace just to rate them bad. If they're banned on the main store, we should have the possibility to banned them on our marketplace. That's fair. Plus most the time, the bad rating are about the problem of delivery lol (problem caused by linden lab, not us)
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