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  1. The statistic on premium accounts is a premium statistic. Have I got that much right? I'm lately wondering if LL might end up selling premium accounts at less cost in order to swell SL ranks. The long thread on whether clubs should get a break was interesting, but it seems like the clubs might be happy if less expensive premium accounts brought new customers in their doors. Shops too. Have I got that right? Suppose, maybe, the RL economy isn't going to be exciting again for a long time. Stuff I'm reading quotes people who say that the blahs could last for years. OK, so what if it turns out that way? Try this idea: Tourism will drop at least a little. Online entertainment at home will increase at least a little. Right? And SL will be getting easier (and then even easier?) to use. Putting limits on scripts looks kinda smart doesn't it, a good thing to do before the next flood of immigrants settle in? With cash to spend that they didn't have to spend on scripts. True? Sorry for the rant. I didn't mean to get off on a tangent, but in reading what's being posted here and elsewhere in SL, I just see a lot of things going on at the same time. Messy, messy, messy. Same as RL
  2. Shopping around for a place to live, maybe to set up a gallery, I notice that things are really big.  In my RL home, the 8 ft ceilings feel close, cozy, comfortable. But in SL counterparts, some ceilings seem 30 ft high. For me, a big turnoff. But when a skybox or home is OK for modify, can I downsize it to human dimensions? Hmm? Can I? Pretty please??
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