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  1. And you should feel deprived. Linden Lab have removed this wonderful feature from the official viewer. It caused a problem for some, so, rather than fix it, they disabled it. They have no apparent plan to restore it. If your machine has the graphic capacity, you would have seen this magnificent beauty. Now, you cannot; Linden Lab's choice. Here is what you are missing: In 8 years, I cannot recall Linden Lab eliminating something so beautiful. First, they switched to having RenderAnimateTrees = FALSE by default, but to those who loved it, we quickly learned where the radio button was to turn it back on. Then, LL eliminated the radio button, so we learned the Debug Setting name and turned it back on. However, now--actually, as of January 2012--LL have removed the Debug Setting RenderAnimateTrees and removed the code for it from the official viewer. The JIRA SH-2711 describes the removal of this feature. If you want to follow this in the JIRA, I have created a "bug" report to complain about this devolution of the viewer features and to ask for real corrective action: JIRA VWR-28933
  2. The worst loss is that of bookmarks, since there's no way at all to recover those without scanning through the whole forum. I bookmarked things I was interested in, but to which I did not contribute anything but my interest, i.e., I did not post to the thread. I bookmarked things thinking I wouldn't have to write them down or remember anything other than that I had bookmarked something. If you read this, dear forum administrators, before next wiping out our bookmarks, please warn us for at least a couple of weeks.
  3. it's been two weeks since I've logged in to the forum and all my bookmarks and all my subscribed posts have disappeared. How do I prevent this happening? Is LL going to fix the forum so it doesn't happen? Is there life after death?
  4. Perfectly annoying! Try changing your group title. This problem has been occurring for a long time, sometimes suppressed and as now, in a severe outbreak. Changing group title forces the sim server to serve your avatar up all over again to everyone else in the sim and in nearby sims, which might work for you. I hope.
  5. I just discovered what I think is the biggest problem of all with the new profiles: they have altered something (database, data flags, ???) so that old inactive Calling Cards have become blank in Version 2 viewers. I've been around for a long time in SL--since 2004--and have many older Calling Cards which I can see in a Version 1 based viewer, but cannot see in a V2 based viewer. Basically, while it's not yet gone completely, as soon as V1 is made unusable, so will these cards be unusable, too. There will only remain the name in our CC foldesr to remind us of a person, but none of the notes, no glimmer of the information on any of the tabs, gone. A person gave me that card, it has survived many card inventory clean-up sessions, and now, without let, Linden Lab has removed all but that person's name from my inventory. Some of these people are dead in Real Life, which is why the account associated with the card is inactive. Though I have other virtual things of the virtual person that these real people created, with these execrable V2 profiles, I have much less than I did before. This is totally unacceptable; it is disrespect for the dead and the feelings of the living persons who loved them.
  6. Hintswen Guardian wrote: I love the cars! I have talked to the creator, I hop in and travel around randomly if I see one. Unfortunately I haven't seen one for awhile BTW If you find one that has lost it's way, let the creator know so they can take it back Please don't drink and drive...or post.:smileywink:
  7. You can get either or both of two resolution levels of Chip's templates from this wiki page: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Clothing_Tutorials Remember, whichever of his (or anyone's templates) you use, Second Life makes the three avatar templates to be 512 x 512 files with alpha channels. Work at the higher resolutions to get a nice effect, then use your graphics software to reduce the image size to 512 x 512 as the copy of your original work that you'll upload to the system. The simplest way to view such things for free is to go to the beta servers--I forget their names--and log in there. Any money you spend in beta is not debited from your main grid account under the same avatar name.
  8. I hope you have Chip Midnight's templates, because they have much better guides on them to your problem. He has seam matching guides on his head, upper, and lower templates. In the case of the neck, the head's neck seam is N1, N2, N3, N4, and N5. It's going to be a struggle in some areas because of the elongation of the UV map in the neck. It will also be a struggle because if you cross the head to body seam, the resolution changes radically. You have more pixels on the head template at the neckline than you do on the body template.
  9. This happens periodically to almost all of us. If it's rezzing as a cloud and doesn't rezz after several minutes, you may need to clear your cache (done from Preferences>>Network in V1, Preferences>>Setup in V2). Also, CTRL-ALT-R will force your client to rebake the various clothing and skin layers--make them into the minimum number of textures and send them to the server to send back to you and everyone else's client--which clears this sometimes. Also, if this problem happens in a laggy sim, go to a sim that is not laggy, then relog. However, if you are not a cloud, it means that one of your attachments is a big sculpty and it's hiding your avatar while it fails and fails and fails to rezz its proper shape. Clearing your cache will deal with this also. Or changing outfits to get rid of that slow loading attachment.
  10. Millennium Sands wrote: I can't help it, but some folks here simply sound ridiculous to me... Pedestrians who got hit multiple times by these cars? How blind can you be??? Ok, I was hit one time myself, and readers of the Alphaville Herald might remember the report on this oh so terrible, painful, and shocking experience. But getting hit more than once could almost be called an artistic achievement. :smileyvery-happy: If you're really that shortsighted, here's good news for you: There's a draw distance BEYOND 4 meters! Oh, and those drivers who find it next to impossible to drive a car and survive this new "heavy traffic"? Anybody with driving skills like THAT might be even more dangerous to pedestrians than those botcars! Maybe I'm prejudiced, since I'm a race driver in SL and used to more than meeting one other car on a road every 10 minutes, but I'd really appriciate it if those drivers would send me a warning when they hit the roads, so I can run for shelter somewhere. :smileyvery-happy: What really makes me wonder is this question: How do these people survive 1st Life??? So... What's your point?
  11. I didn't have as many symptoms as you, but my avie would be unable to stand on even the slightest slope, she'd slowly drift down to the bottom of whatever slight swale or dell that would stop her slip. I traced it to her boots, which are quite old in SL terms (as am I, in SL terms). They'd always been fine, but at some point the way in which it was calculated on what slope an avie could stably sit failed to account for the type of prims that made up my boots. I changed boots and the problem went away. Later viewers have not had the problem with these boots, so it was definitely viewer related, but it was the boots (which were completely unscripted).. Have you changed outfits since the problem started?
  12. There are so many ways to sort, but one of the most important principles is that you should stay on top of it, don't allow your inventory to turn into a swamp, as one friend called hers. I sort in two ways, under the clothing folder: by category (_shoes, _accessories, _lingerie, _dresses, _kimono, _Jewelry, _tops, and _bottoms) and then for things that don't fit well in such categories, I creat folders by designer or store name. I use the _name format to make sure that the categories all sort alphabetically at the front of my Clothing folder. Also, with _shoes, for example, if there are a lot of shoes from one store/designer, I make a folder for that store/designer. I can usually find things directly quickly, without using search. For store/designers names, I don't use the "_" character to lead the folder's name, so that things sort neatly alphabetically. If new purchase's folder has a lousy name, oh say "Flower in Red" I rename it for what it really is "Flower Dress and shoes in Red" or something more suggestive. You have to consider how you associate and remember, in devising your own system. Of course, with V2's My Outfits folder and outfit creation, things are much easier because even if you have a No Copy item, you can include it in many outfits via a Link. I love that about V2 and am happy non-V2 viewers have managed to incorporate it. Well, you did ask...
  13. I completely agree with all you've said, Mircea. i would like to add further criticisms of these web profiles. They are extraordinarily ugly. Consider how often a person might open a profile while the viewer is looking at a night scene with--usually--a dark UI skin. Then this awful white thing blares out in ones face. The web profile. Navigating around in it is truly tedious. To look at someone's "Picks", if there are more than 3 (or is it 4?), I have to move to another page when I click through on the "More..." link. 3 is totally insufficient. All should be there; or better, stop the web profiles. At this point in time, given the problems with these profiles, when I look to see whether the profile has any Classified Advertisements, I have no confidence that I'm getting a true null, that is that the absence of a link for the person's Classified Ad(s) means that there are no Classified Ads to be seen. Last night, looking at the profile of a very famous and well known animator, I was shocked at how difficult it was to get to his store from his profile. And further, his profile said he had no Classified, whereas when I'd looked at his profile the previous night with Phoenix viewer, I had used his profile's Classified Ad Teleport button to get to his store. Frankly, screwing up commerce like this is... well, a mild phrase for it is "poorly conceived." KEEP THE OLD PROFILES AND STOP THE WEB PROFILES!
  14. Neat, Void! That would have helped a lot when I was trying to find which of the prims had been set to "light" within a 114 prim headress.
  15. In the Advanced menu, Rendering>>Hide Selected. This will hide each thing you select. CTRL-3 to the edit prim menu, turn on Edit Linked Parts and using the shift key to keep adding things to your temporary list of hidden parts as you click in until you find your root prim, then lift the shift key and click the root. Everything will jump back to visibility, but you will have the root prim and can drag it out to where you can edit it more conveniently. When you're done getting the root prim out, turn off the Hide Selected function.
  16. No, no! You don't get it! If we don't like these driverless vehicles causing lag in the mainland, all we have to do is to move to private estates! It's Brilliant! What a clever solution!
  17. Cinnamon Lohner wrote: If you don't want the aggravation of living on the Mainland, move to the Estates. Really quite simple and frankly not worth all the typing you just did which I scanned and then lost interest in. All my property is mainland and on Linden roads and as stated I don't have a problem with these vehicles. You have other options, exercise them. Or live your Second Life as a miserable mainland owner. Your world, Your choice --Cinn OMG, you're right! Brilliant! Why didn't I think of that!
  18. Cinnamon Lohner wrote: Actually I like them. The roads are mostly empty anyway. I don't understand why people are so uptight about these vehicles. I think they are wonderful fun. People just want to ban and AR everything. No wonder SL has gone to hades in a handbasket. My 2 lindens worth. --Cinn If you want those cars toodling around on all the mainland roads, you certainly would also want to pay for a portion of the tier payments for all those who are affected by these driverless vehicles. I'm guessing that a 5% of tier payment would gratify us each enough that we'd accept them. Guessing some more, I think we're talking about somewhere in the nature of several hundred thousand to several million Linden dollars per month. I'm sure you would have no problem getting together a group big enough to make these payments to us reasonable and affordable to you each, since you have such an affection for them. Most of us will be grateful for your group to subsidize our tier payments. We will all be looking forward to your proposed system for compensating us for the aggravation (lag, cars trapped at property borders, etc.) caused by your roadway enhancements.
  19. Hmmmm... Thank you. I can check my posts and then look at the remaining subscriptions, making an item for item comparison. If this is really a forum bug when threads are moved, it really makes Lithium an inferior sort of thing. At the moment, I only have 10-15 subscriptions (the uncertainly being I don't know what happened to some of them), but for a person a month or two down the road... I hope she'll have the strength of will or is very tolerant.:womanwink:
  20. Suddenly, without any action on my part, several email subscriptions have disappeared from my list of subscriptions. Is this an intended function? If it is, how does it work and what are the criteria for exogenously--not of my doing--dropping a subscription from my subscription list? If it's a fault, a defect of the Forum, can I fix it, or do I need to write a JIRA (and if so, what kind of JIRA?)? Is there a limit on subscriptions? What is it? Is there a limit on bookmarks? What is it? This forum stuff should not be so full of strange defects/pitfalls, should it?
  21. I don't know what the status is, but I hope that its status is dead, never to be revived again. It is a bad idea, probably born of Linden Lab failing to understand what its true genius is: in its 3D client, the wildly free customization of almost everything, but particularly our avatars.
  22. I have not been able to do this either, in Viewer 2. However, it's a piece of cake if you use a Viewer 1 based viewer such as Phoenix. In Viewer 1, after you've uploaded the picture you want to use and found it in your inventory, simply open your profile (either from the Edit menu: Edit>>Profile, the pie menu: right click on your avatar and select Profile), click on the tab "1st Life" and drag the picture from your inventory onto the little box where the picture will appear. It should show up there in a couple of seconds. Then, click OK. This is important. If you don't click OK, your change will not be saved and you'll wonder why.
  23. You could set your draw distance down to 24 until you see yourself, and then increase it to 96 if in a crowded place, or whatever you want if in an empty place. It's what I do when confronted with lag delayed rezzing. It does help.
  24. There is zoned land on the mainland, not a lot of it, because it's not terribly popular. If you're premium, you can obtain some of the most restrictively zoned land in Second Life: LL's houses for premium members. If you like personally policed zoning, private estates offer a wide variety of zoning/convenants on land use. As you may imagine, your experience has been duplicated by many mainland landowners. I doubt that more extensive zoning of the mainland is in the offing.
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