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  1. the problem with that seems to be the opencollada plugin. I just use the Autodesk collada plugin and avoid this. sure, you can't upload textures within the file, but atleast your UVchannels aren't totally demolished in the import.

    Still no clue how rigging with Max is meant to work. nobody is 100% or even 50% sure on anything, but atleast static meshes upload well.

    Next Steps for Mesh Import

    you refuse to acknowledge anyone if they make it clear that it's truly easy, even fun to learn to create a 3D model with proper methods. why is that exactly? are you too old and stubborn to actually go seek the information out and learn a new trick? are you truly that afraid of learning outside of your quiet (read: noisy) little shell? FIC doesn't even mean anything to you anymore, does it? It's just an acronym you throw around so you can feel you have a safety net when something doesn't fit your needs.

    You really do seem like a parasite, you know? "why can they do that and I can't? I should get a free ride because I refuse to learn something! I want my share too!" Atleast the people I know who don't like mesh make the statement that they simply like the challenge of making things with the older tools. If that were what you were saying, then maybe it would be fine.

    But you aren't, are you?

    Quite simply, I think you should just 'deal with it'.

    Next Steps for Mesh Import

    People need to pay attention to what folks like Rachel Breaker have been doing. The necessity of creating e-suburbia is what brought people to not even care about exploring, so learn to  get past the need for the psuedo-realistic. everyone's tired of seeing that crap, no wonder all they wanna do is look at a website and get stuff. Color and liveliness isn't a bad thing you know!

    Next Steps for Mesh Import

    most turbosquid models are actually worthless, made with rendering in mind or by people who can't actually model with any skill whatsoever. you wouldn't be able to use alot of them without first editing the hell out of them, creating low poly versions and using the old model to bake normals, and a whole slew of stuff that makes no real sense.

    And who are you to say that SL builds are any harder than an creating an actual environment with a proper modelling suite? SL is like a BSP structuring system in comparison to actually making assets for a good environment. If it weren't for the fact that you can stick lots of pieces together with rather large textures, SL almost equates to nothing but Quake 2.

    Ever seen how a level is made for a game? blocking it out is only the first step. SL is like playing with that first step over and over, trying your best to pull detail from things that you really shouldn't be pulling detail from. It's an ultimately backwards and inefficient way of doing things. Now, You're supposed to take mesh assets and place them on the blocks in order to set up the environment and make it pretty. That's what sculpts were meant for, but they barely served that purpose because they're rather difficult to work with on average, and getting good results is equally troublesome.

    Next Steps for Mesh Import

    I do believe you actually know less about 3D than Prokofy does! SL builds are worthless outside of SL, and are several times easier to make than a true hand-made 3D environment in every way. Meshes with controlled polygons and texture information are harder, but give the benefit of being memory efficient and structured to look correctly no matter what. the artist has full control over the environment in this way, and a skilled user can create wonderful worlds and objects without wasting memory by handling silhouettes and structure according to their necessity to the scene.

    Making something look 'nice' in SL generally eats quite a bit more memory than a proper 3D environment that's properly controlled by the artist, and will usually look alot better than anything in SL. you also have much less control over the texture handing, and most people in SL don't understand the concept of how to save memory anyway. they just cram a bunch of 1024x1024 textures on every cube, sphere, and cylinder they make. basically the worst thing you can do. people also seem to think it's necessary to then use masked 1024x1024 textures with alpha on those as well, so you not only get texture waste, but extra processing for the alpha handling!anyone who does these things with turbosquid models are creating just as bad of an issue as people that would still be using inefficient textured prims all over the place.

    Next Steps for Mesh Import

    Prokofy Neva : I don't think you actually understand a single thing about how 3D graphics are actually made. Perhaps you should go look at all the free resources and open and FRIENDLY communities that help people learn these things on their own time? Possibly go look at all the new and wonderfully easy ways to create using these fundamentals of graphic design? Surely it would be greater help than, say, arguing that such tools are 'arcane' or 'stale'. It's not black magic, but a universal principal!

    Though I tend to assume you would prefer to sit and argue fallacies and illogical concepts until you're blue in the mouth. Maybe I'm wasting my time here as well!

    Just saying!

    Vivienne Schell : Filing abuse reports against thieves and directly telling companies of content theft works wonders, did you know? especially if you get multiple people to do so! A company can be held accountable for not caring about their material anymore if they don't respond in some way, so it's a beneficial tool against these types.

    Or perhaps you would simply prefer to pout and whine about if people do it, never actually trying to alleviate it should it arise?

    Next Steps for Mesh Import

    You know, I've been pretty ecstatic about this. As an aspiring and hopeful 3D artist, I came to SL with the intent of creating amazing things. The past year has been a stifling and arduous pile of snot and garbage where I felt absolutely no interest in making anything. But this revitalizes my interest. It's no longer about flexing a skill set that is worthless to anything but this game. It's now about learning and adapting alongside the people who create wonderful work for anything and everything. Games, simulations, movies, created by both professionals and amatuers alike. This suddenly makes SL not only competitive again, but a possible learning experience for those aspiring to create graphics. They can even make money from it in their spare time too!

    It makes sense to me really. I would spend a month making a fully unique and amazing avatar doing my absolute best with the tools I had. and why? Because it was incredibly amusing to do so for me. To see something come to life finally after all that hard work. Mesh support not only peaks my interest in attempting to get back into the swing of creating for the sake of it, but it gives me even more incentive to speed up my learning of the techniques I need to get better. This is incredibly important to anyone creative, I would think. Being presented a challenge, and adapting to accomplish the goal of the challenge. If you never do that... I guess you never evolve past a 'mental limit' that everyone seems to think exists. (Which I assume Prokofy has erroniously decided such 'mental limits' are an absolute and undeniable truth.)

    Why exactly is that a bad thing though? this is what really  confuses me. It's not like these creative people outside the SL circle-jerk WANT to share their work freely  and 'destroy the precious moon money economy'. Only the most imbecilic would think that were clever, and you could easily report people for content theft of such a manner anyway. Just because there's a staunch refusal to adapt (which probably won't even matter, since nothing is being replaced at all and many people simply enjoy the current tools) doesn't exactly mean much of anything except stubbornness and laziness. (Unless you're like a few of my friends, who simply enjoy the current tools because they have their unique fun about them. That's perfectly fine to me.)


    TL;DR :

    I've never seen so many whiney babies afraid that someone more talented or competitive than them might come along and ruin their game of fake talent and monopoly. You're all 30 or something, not 13.

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