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  1. I was Basic for nine years until the new 'promised' homes were announced. So I'm just going back to what worked for me.
  2. This is all too much for me....I downgraded from Premium to Basic just now.
  3. If it doesn't affect my use of SL, I'm not opting in with Tilia.
  4. "Your personal information will remain protected" ???? What about all of the breaches we hear about lately?
  5. I agree with you Lizbette and I've been there 10 years as well.
  6. I agree with Ginger ( "What irks me personally is the "accept our new toy or you can't play any more"- thing") Not much in the way of an explanation from LL about this either. If we don't agree with Tilia TOS, does that mean we can't use SL? I'm confused.
  7. A week ago, I bought an item on Marketplace while inworld and moments later, SL crashed. Order history shows 'delivered' but it never showed up in my inventory. I contacted the vendor right away and asked nicely if they could resend the item--still no answer. Am I out 650 Lindens if I never hear from them?
  8. I clicked something on the tool bar and now get an error message: 'WARNING: Rezzer is not found!' But I have the rezzer! How do I get this error to stop?? Please help me!
  9. Is this my PC graphics card? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'm not sure if I can insert a picture on the post--I have two examples that would demonstrate what I see.
  10. I did lot's of refreshes and it's back to General--keep your fingers crossed for me!
  11. I tried your suggestion and it's still Adult--never had this happen before, maybe it's an SL glitch
  12. I tried both of your suggestions-cleared cookies and restarted it--still Adult! I wish I'd never switched it now :-( Anyone else have a suggestion??
  13. I changed my Marketplace search to Adult and now it's stuck there! I can't get it back to General and Moderate. Can someone help me with this? Thanks
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