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  1. I was wondering what is the best setting for nivida 260 I have two bridged togather but my system locks up when I try to upload a raw file. This is a very powerful computer it just seems to have issues with sL. I got my small lap top out and it up loaded the Raw file in sec. can anyone give me seggestions on whaat I can do to get the thing to run better on SL. I have a tec suppot that takes over my computer and makes sure all the drivers are updated. if any can help me please email me caause I got to this message board with tech supports help I really don't know how to get back to it my emil is dillinger088@yahoo.com or you can send my an IM in world that would be great. If there is a tech support person out there that can help I will pay for your services that might not be allowed but I just want my computer to work is all Thanks
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