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  1. I personally would like to see more ethnic type hair-styles for men of color... I mean All ethnic men don't wear dreads. And what about those of latin decent theyir are many hair types from course to fine hair, meaning some hair is straight some , are very curly... I know as it stands Mohawks are somewhat popular and fauHawks, but Obviously their are more casual styles out there for men of color besides the obvious... I think for inspiration it might be a good idea for designers to look at hair magazines of photos, heck even look at some of the celebritys on television if need be. I think it sucks that if you want to switch up , and you have an AV of color , you have to wear some sort of White guys hair-style. And as it relates to clothes I definantly agree that there should be more styles aside of the typical ripped jean loo, and or if it is something sort of trendy it has to be so Effeminant or Gay looking.. No offense to anyone out there who is Gay.. But Some of us don't want to wear the tight booty shorts and or the really tight clothing, but it also does not mean we want to wear all of our clothes sagging off of our butts either... In this day and Age, men Like versitility just as much as a woman does, because image is just as important to us ! Thanks for taking out time to hear someof our request... But in closing I would like to say that I do appreciate allof the designers out there because I know your job is not easy, if it were I'd be a designer myself..lol But seriously, you all do incredible jobs doing what you do, but definantly we men would like more variety! Thanks!
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