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  1. Try to log out and back in again and try to delete them again. If that does not work then you might just have to file a support ticket.
  2. That's terrible. Since you said you deleted your account, the best thing you can do is just create another account. Make your password something diffucult with letters and numbers (and symbols if allowed). Write it down and keep it in a secure place in case you forget. And for sure never tell anyone you meet in SL or the internet your password.
  3. Put your viewer on the same computer as your photoshop, it'll make it easier for you. Are you bothering at all to look back at your own posts about creating clothing or looking for similar posts on the boards or internet before you ask the same type questions you have asked before?
  4. Have you tried contacting the creator? Perhaps they might have already encountered this issue and might have suggestions for you.
  5. It looks fine to me. I am not sure of what exactly you might be seeing, but then again I don't have the original poster to compair it to. Shadows help create depth and not make the clothing look so flat. Maybe your monitor is on low making the shadows appear darker then they really are?
  6. If you are using the marketplace for purchases, not only might there be a "see item in Second Life" link at the bottom like already mentioned but if there is in fact a demo of the item availale you will be able to see a link on the right hand column under the orange "Buy It Now" button that says "Get the demo version".
  7. Have you tried asking the Avination forums or serching Google?
  8. Deja Letov wrote: I would say use your best judgement and don't do it for a MINOR amount. The difference between 5 and 6% is practically nothing. On a 100L item we're talking 1L. Do you really feel the need to complain over 1l? Id look for more major violations, like a minimum of a 10% increase is what I would look for. That's even IF you really feel like policing it. Personally I could care less if someone charges less in world, it doesn't affect me, it only affects LL and their 5% commission. This is my thought exactly about this. As a customer I'd gladly purchase something in-world especially if it was less. But customers seeing an item greatly over priced on the Marketplace could turn away a customer or have the opposite effect and push them to go see the item out in world to see if it is any cheaper. I can understand being put off by a 10% or so difference from MP -> in-world. I don't think I'd bother to flag, but it wouldn't affect me either if I seen a 5%-6% difference.
  9. I agree. I'm really liking the chosen music photos!
  10. I don't think the messages-to-email feature is suppsoe to prevent capping. For me, sometimes even when messages are capped I still don't get every single IM via email. I think it has always just been messed up that way.
  11. Camron Solo


    One thing is consistent, which is the view of others and the view of the OP and those don't seem like they will change any time soon. The horse is pretty much dead on that. But it is good to see that it has some thinking of how to more accurately represent their item. That is for sure a change for the good.
  12. Have you tried searching in world for scrpting classes? It may be your best option unless someone is willing to take time to do a one-on-one.
  13. You can look on the wiki for Phoenix for more infomation about OTR. I found this pertaining to it: "OTR: Allows private conversations over instant messaging by providing authentication, encryption and other features." Basically it just a way to "protect" IMs etc. As far as mesh, to me, I see it same as in Firestorm. Meh, I can't tell a difference. You might just have to see on each viewer for yourself and which you may prefer.
  14. There's the MensStuffHunt. I am not sure how often they run it, or if it is in progress, but usually it is massive.
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