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  1. Just saw a couple of traditional homes. Not sure if that was the release. Couldn’t grab any of them.
  2. @KiriLife, such a lovely view from your home. Congratulations 🤗
  3. Don’t give up hope 🤗, I’m right there with you. It’s gonna happen...
  4. Im beginning to think i just have bad luck lol. Missed yet again and saw nothing. Congratulations to all who got a home
  5. Almost had it if it was the one released lol. Oh well next time 🙂
  6. Sorry if this has been said but did sweetmarsh get released today
  7. Ok so i got the error page but when I tried to refresh that page I couldn’t because the auto refresher wouldn’t let me. Maybe I’m not using it right. Does anyone know of a good refresher app for iPhone?
  8. 😞 another one bites the dust. So disheartening. Spent the day watching and still missed it. One day I’ll have mine. Congrats to those who got theirs.
  9. Thank you Matt & harms... for a minute there it read like there was another site
  10. @MattNight84, you have me curious 😊. what site are you referring to?
  11. I voted. I like the traditional homes and cant wait till I am fortunate to obtain one. It will be interesting, however, to see what the mystery one is ☺️
  12. Tootsiepop, i’m not certain how or if one knows what region is released. It may be that its known after the release has happened. As for autorefresh, I don’t use it as I’m not at my computer, only on my phone at different times of the day. I still don’t know the best way to get my linden home. Most times I get as far as selecting it then its gone by the time i am on the agreement page.
  13. @tootsiepop1, there will not be a notification with every release. Only the larger scale ones is my understanding. For these smaller releases like today (1 region every other day, i.e Mon, Wed, Fri) it’s random and no notification.
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