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  1. How are the regions landscaped...all sand? Or some grassy areas as well? just dont want to give up my vic if its all sand
  2. All the pics are lovely. Congratulations to all. Still a bit undecided but you all definitely make me want to try for one. Hopefully there will be some left when I get off work in 3 hrs ☺️
  3. Will there be more Victorians released after the new year?
  4. Anyone else get one in Bloodroot? Wondering how that region looks.
  5. Just got one in Bloodroot. After getting error page for about 15 min. Cant wait to see it! Wish it was time to go home from work. So excited 😆
  6. Congratulations 😊 does it show up as victorian on land page
  7. 😱🤔 dilemma... give up Well Springs beach house for new style. I definitely have to think on this one
  8. @IIINADIANNEIII you’ve done a wonderful job decorating. Where did your kitchen come from if you dont mind my asking?
  9. Hi to all my neighbors, i as well am in Well Springs. I’m right next door to Elora and across from Rae. This is my keeper and am slowly decorating which is a first as i never decorated my previous parcels. Definitely a place to call home.
  10. Kiran, when you get that error page keep refreshing that error page. Most times it means you got a house or whichever you are going for and yes well springs was released
  11. Oh ok @Marianne Little. They’ve not been released as far as i know
  12. I’m not sure of your time but the release times are varied. Normally only one new region is released on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. However, they have been releasing one new region each day of the week (M - F) for the past few weeks.
  13. It’s usually a region at a time. Not sure the exact number of houses on a region as they vary. Today’s release was hammerhead light region and was all houseboats
  14. I don’t think you missed any traditionals or houseboats. I believe it was an abandoned camper. I saw it also.
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