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  1. Ive been onto the store that sells the body and got this answer :- It was a server issue caused by a "fix" to scripts communicating with one another. When it never got reported they did not know the code was bad, so they put it out grid wide. Within 24 hours they re-rolled the entire grid to go back a few weeks. Everything was fine after that, but now it seems like it may be back in some (probably) RC regions. So we are encouraging anybody who has it to file a ticket on it so LL will know about it this time There is nothing creators can do about it, it's purely server side in script
  2. I recently decided to try the BOM and noticed that one of my hands was stuck in one position and it wouldnt texture etc.. i got a redelivering thinking it was that.. but was told that since an upgrade on some sims some of the scripts used in the bento hands dont work anymore.. only by going to a different sim does it fix the problem the sim in question is Tsuchinoko. not sure if that helps at all [12:27] Second Life: The region you have entered is running a different simulator version. Current simulator: Second Life Server 2019-10-03T01:23:43.531529 Previous simulator: Second Life Se
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