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  1. The Virtupix Cruise is looking for DJs to cover a 24-hour pre-opening event on Friday. We are looking for DJs who play popular hits/top billboard songs. Pay is 80% tips and this job may lead to a ongoing position. Requirements Personal streamMicrophone required---------------- Cruise Page http://virtupix.com/ Job Page http://virtupix.com/2012/05/28/dj-artist-cruise-jobs/ Please contact Motty Ying or Crew Pelliot in-world for an interview.
  2. Brightlights Land Rentals has parcels open for rent! If you don't see what you want, we also take parcel requests (: ~~All of the properties, are both residential and commercial. **512sq/m -Price: $165L/Weekly -Prims: 117 **1024sq/m -Price: $275L/Weekly -Prims: 237 **2048sq/m -Price: $516L/Weekly -Prims: 468 **4096sq/m -Price: $1100L/Weekly -Prims: 937 Come visit us @ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dace/40/194/21 for available parcels and more information!
  3. Atrium Court Mall is under new management (now owned by Tiffany Brickworks), and has recently re-opened. We are looking for renters to fill the mall again! RENTAL FEES: ============== Rents are Based on L$50 for a 10x10 Floor Plate with 25 prims Rental Rates: --------------- (10 x 10): L$ 50/week with 25 prims (10 x 20): L$100/week with 50 prims (10 x 30): L$150/week with 75 prims (10 x 50): L$250/week with 125 prims (Anchor Store) Please visit us at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Yangbaechu/170/195/55.
  4. Reporters/Writers are needed for The Stream Scene, a live music TV show in SL. We broadcast under Treet.tv. Check out our show @ http://treet.tv/shows/thestreamscene. We are in need of reporters to attend shows and write a short report on the musician, as well as take a few pictures of the show. This is a paid position, and we are looking for people who have decent English writing skills. Previous knowledge of the music community in SL is a plus. Please contact Ayram Uggla in-world for an interview.
  5. Brightlights is now renting skyboxes in Xoanon! *Fully Furnished - bed, living room, jacuzzi, security system, windows/light controls *There is one skybox per parcel. That means you can change the media/audio, and also change the name of the parcel your skybox is on! *Prices depends on prims available for your usage, and ranges from 100L$/week to 260L$/week *All of the skyboxes are different. Pick which you like! (Requests will also be considered) *Extra prims available for purchase upon request These skyboxes are top quality, and rented at a great price! Come visit us @ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dace/40/194/21
  6. Hello all (: The Stream Scene is a music television show within SL. We are on our fifth season, and we need reporters to attend live music shows and write a short report on the show, as well as take a few pictures. It's not that much writing, probably will be under 500 words. Requirements: Proper English grammar and spelling Proficient writing skills At least some previous knowledge about music/live music community of SL If interested, please contact Ayram Uggla for an interview and any inquiries you may have will be answered during your interview. Thanks!
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