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  1. hello! I'm not as devout in my love for anime, haven't been watching much lately but I'm a big GitS fan, and I love Paranoia Agent and Fullmetal Alchemist and Cowboy Bebop and Miyazaki and more, used to watch Sailor Moon all the time when I was little, and I still never finished dothacksign but i don't remember what episode I watched it to. Sometimes I watch Witchblade on Netflix, idk if that counts since Witchblade is actually American but it there is an anime. I thought about watching Slayers but I fear it hasn't aged well!
  2. LOL at giant scary picture. you can add me too. I'm 24 now and have been on for a few years, im a WA stoner i like listening to metal but other stuff too. Sometimes I take breaks from SL I haven't been on as much since I moved but I do go on.
  3. sup. This forum says I'm a new resident but my account is over 1000 days old. I forget how old i am because I haven't checked in awhile.
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