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  1. Ah yes , the D.I.Y part of the main post works Perfectly , Hopefuly every one links to that page from now on ... i have been wateing for days for LL to help with a sim restart , but this Blew that away in about 10-15 trys at loging in got it to work , im not saying that all cases are the same , some might take more and some less but i can say that it really works and you don't have to wate for LL to respond to yoru tickets for this issue anymore. And one last thing , when you get to where your ghost is and you merge with it , its really freaky seeing your twin fuse with yourself
  2. Im going though the same issue and its been 3 days for me and i have submited 2 diffrent tickets and thay still havent even gotten to the first one , and JIRA told me to go to them and thay got to my BUG report in about 2 hrs after posting it so im not sure whats going on but this Page is way outdated sence thay completly re vamepd the Submit ticket page
  3. /me Laughs insanely and walks away "Thay must be F****** Crazy to think that people have that much extra money to spend on something that thay don't need ,and then act like there's nothing wrong with everything elce"
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