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  1. Have you tried restarting your computer all together and then trying to log back in?
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    Go into your inventory and double click on the shape you want to wear. Don't forget to click on the skin you want as well to wear. If you are having trouble finding these in your inventory you can always type in 'shape' or 'skin' for a quicker way of pulling it up. If you have lost or accidently deleted your skin/shape you would have to purchase a new one or wear a free one until you find one suitable for your taste.
  3. Ok...got it all figured out! YAY! Did a clean uninstall and made sure to get rid of the chat files. But I cleaned at all files that I could find that belong to anything SL related. Then upon installing it I couldn't log back in. The password and user name were correct. I even went in and changed my password but it still didn't help. The simpliest thing....prior to the install my user name was my first/last name without any space. Upon the reinstall there has to be a space inbetween. *rolls eyes* So I am back into the world and happy once again (after 5 hours of freaking/stressing out). Thanks
  4. I am using the firestorm viewer. I was in the middle of logging off when my computer unexpectly shut down on me. I reboot it and upon relogging into sl the following message appeared: We are unable to decode the file storing your credentials. At this point saving or deleting your credentials will earse all those previously stored. This may happen when you change your network setup. Restarting the viewer with the previous network configuration may help recovering your saved login credentials. I have tried uninstalling the viewer and restarting. I have tried to look for any extra hidden
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