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  1. In 2007 I was watching TV and it was a report about a game called Second Life, in which the local sports brand Adidas is selling shoes for 300L$. I was like "What? Virtual shoes for 300$!? This is insanity! I need to see this..." so I created an account, went to see what all of this was about, and here I am. 13 years later. What do I love most about being a resident? That there are no limits. If you can dream it up, you can find it in Second Life. If nobody before dreamt it up before you, then it's up to you to make it happen.
  2. We are the team "Cyberpunks for life" for the RFL fundraising against cancer. Cyberpunks for Life blog (click for blog!) ----------- ----------- ----------- ----------- ----------- ----------- ----------- ----------- ----------- ----------- ----------- ----------- ----------- ---------- Kick off party & 30 years of insanity When: 27th of July, 2pm SLT Where: Club Cumbash, Little Delphi (click for teleport!) ----------- ----------- ----------- ----------- ----------- ----------- ----------- ----------- ----------- ----------- ----------- ----------- ----------- -----------
  3. Looking for bloggers! Our event runs from the 27th of July to the 1st of September 2013 Info about our event (Cyberpunks for Life blog) We're verified with Relay for Life (American Cancer Society) and Linden Labs. Please send your info via Notecard to Schdeuph Rosca. We'll list your blog on our homepage. Notecard template: ______________________ Second Life full name: (not display name!) Blog URL: Name of blog: How long have you been blogging: _______________
  4. We are the team "Cyberpunks for life" for the RFL fundraising against cancer. Cyberpunks for Life blog We're hosting the first cyberpunk event in Second Life: Cyberpunks for Life 2013 - in dedication to Taena When: 27th of July until 1st of September 2013 Where: (please follow the teleporters!) Kafe Kruemelkram 10/11th of August readings (Kueperpunk Korhonen, Michael Iwoleit and others!) August readings (Winter Illios, Schdeuph Rosca, Michael Poore, Jeff Somers and others!) Join our group to be kept up to date and follow our blog! Cyberpunks for Life inworld group We're a bunc
  5. Hoi hoi, so I got this avatar I want to sell, because I don't wear it. It's a used item and has "no copy/no mod/transfer" permissions. I've sold already quite a few "no copy/transfer" items in the past, and had no problems at all. I can drag the item into the merchants outbox, but can't transfer it to the marketplace and everytime I try get this error message: April 07, 2013 10:18 am UTC[ WoO ] Tiny Dragon Package (blue glow)(T)Unsellable item in folder, likely a permission problem ([ WoO ] Tiny Dragon Package (blue glow)(T)) I KNOW it can be sold, cause it can be give
  6. I tried replacing the arguments.txt from the old build with the one in the new build, but didn't get any improvements, it got even worse. Does anybody else get the following issues after replacing the arguments.txt? - can't click buttons (switch to different IM windows, view incoming messages) - can't resize the window (like in the old build) - maybe some more I didn't try out cause the buttons issue already drove me off
  7. I found the old build for download: http://wiki.secondlife.com/w/index.php?title=Release_Notes/Second_Life_Developer/3.4.6 Works buggily on my iMac, but not at all on my old macbook. You can't resize the window and sometimes your mouse arrow disappears, and some other problems occur randomly. (The mouse arrow problem can be fixed with rolling around your mouse outside of the viewer, it will then appear again, and work in the viewer.) Anyhow, I do get amazing fps and won't use any other viewer anytime soon. I can not be held responsible for what's on the link, it's LL stuff (as you can
  8. So I was logged on with my alt to the beta grid, and had the glorious idea to change my password on secondlife.com Shortly after I received the email, that the password change was successful. I logged off the beta grid and tried to log into the main grid, but without success. I can't either login secondlife.com as I tried the old and the new password but without success. I tried when logging on a) the old password b) the new password, but it does neither work with the main grid, nor secondlife.com I can log onto the beta grid with the new password. I can hardly believe that being on the bet
  9. I got the same problem on my iMac, and a friend has the same problem on his Windows 7 laptop. This problem came up first after the rolling restart on thursday this week. The lastest Firestorm version simply keeps crashing on startup every time. (Logging in with Lumiya2 over my smartphone works just fine.) I switched back to the Firestorm v3.30.24880 and now everything just works fine again!
  10. Yes, I agree! I'm considering filing a JIRA about this topic and the demo problem. Good ideas, fellow residents! Added comment: And here the JIRA is: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-8025
  11. I like browsing the marketplace for animated animals and pets. And all I find, in every category is breedable animals, may it be dogs, horses, fantasy creatures. There is a separate category for it: "Breedable pets", please use it! So about 90% of the listings in the category "horses" are breedables. Same with cats and dogs. Ok, I have to admit the category "rodents" is not infested by breedable listings. Yet! Creating is a listing is very simple these days, and though I keep wondering why can't you merchants of breedables can put them into the category where
  12. I'm not on the Beta Grid, I do have this problem on the Main Grid. But I logged in there to try the old "update your account yourself on the Beta Grid" trick. Thanks for the answer though. Yes, I did clean installs of all viewers I got, also tried older versions. Nothing lead to a solution so far.
  13. This is the overview of my problem, I've also posted it on Jira.Seems like this problem exists for quite a while already, but I can't find a solution.friends are shown offline on my friendslist inworld, but secondlife.com says they are onlinesaid friends are actually online, the friendslist just doesn't show them online, it shows them offlinewhen you send an IM to a friend which is offline (but secondlife.com tells you this friend is online) they show up online as soon as you press "send"this is the case since 1st of May, maybe already since 29th of Junefriends do report the same pro
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