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  1. How I tested it.. I rezzed a prim colored the faces that showed the bumpiness on the other prim so I knew which ones they were.....rotated the prim.....applied the Bumpiness....and it only applied to the sides that I had the color......on which coralted to the prim in the picture... Two sides remain .. that the bumpiness cannot be seen... but it says it is applied if you do select face.
  2. It is a regular prim and no matter how I rotate it it is the same sides. But it is odd that I cannot apply it with select face.. it is saying it is already applied..when I do not see it as applied to taht face.
  3. Ok.. takes deep breath.. Building as become a chore with textures... 1. I had built soemthing for a friend and one of the textures goes poof.... 2. I am building something Added a texture......shine to it and added a bumpiness to it..... ( now this does it with all the bumpiness.. but it does not cover the whole prim.... just one part of it.... so I do Select face..... but it said it is applied.. but.. it is not...... so I restart... and still happens.. getting very frustrated...
  4. I am an officer at a sandbox... And has a return time set...... but it seems not to work....And if you wish to rezz and build there you must belong to the group I guess my question is two fold 1. Is this the need to belong to the group to rezz and build... in the way of this....? If so is there a way around this.. that items can still be returned? 2. Is there a way for the owner and officers to keep stuff from not being returned? If there is a solution to the first part. Thanks
  5. The only thing that was differnt about this one than the 4 before it was textures and all are full perm.... I think sl broke.. had issues yesterday.. with staying logged in and logging in.. around that time I was tryin to submit.. I have tired to unlink and relink.. will not work.. going to try from scratch again
  6. Ok I created (built) a few items... 4 of them made it to the market place... the 5th will not go... Above it what the th Item looks like in my Inventory and of course I cannot submit it when it is like this. The next pic is how the settings are in the edit too......and this is how all my items I previously submitted...are set and did not have an issue becaue they did not look like the above pic..... So Help how do I fix......sigh...
  8. The only thing that stays the same is change..... I am not good with changes.. like when I was in third grade tryin to stick leaves back on the trees cause I did not want summer to end.. LOL grandma loves that story lol
  9. Peggy Paperdoll wrote: I'm not going to stone you. I actually am not that far in disagreement with you. But I just don't question LL's motives. Nor do I begrudge them making money on their website. I may not use Marketplace but many do and unless LL makes money (or at the very least breaks even) then Marketplace it going away...for good. Ad bring in money. As long as money is brought in Marketplace can continue to exist. It's possible that if LL takes away the ads Marketplace will be close behind. The merchants are not going to foot the money required to run a website the size of Marketplace (with it's hefty bandwidth requirements.......not counting the server space which is different server space that the in-world asset servers. It's in addition to the in-world servers). The merchants want their costs as low as possible and profits as high as possible..........so does LL. The consumers like the convenience and I'm sure that's one of the main reasons LL even purchased Xstreet a couple years ago. I think the ads keep Marketplace in existence and free........so, in that sense, they are good. But I'm with most others I don't particularly care for them. Ok so the low high game....we can discuss all this to the cows come home.. think I hear them a mooo-ing...* puts hand to ear...*... But sure each creator would like to make as much as they can... As I said.. in another place .. You have to pay to submit... and the site gets a precentage of each sale on top of that.... then you set your profit margine......how much you wnat to make over that.. beleive me there are people there who are making a living from this .. and it can be done here..... But also the prices of Lindens if not already will or have increased...and they will.... Even the resellers of lindens .. are not as cheap .....they have to make money as well.... I still say let LL increase what I have stated before.... things will even out again.......They are just holding off the inevitable
  10. Peggy Paperdoll wrote: I'm sure it's a calculated risk. One LL has decided to take. At least for the time being. All ads look "tacky" on websites. Some are just plain stupid, some offensive, some are even relevant but ads are ads........someone trying to get my attention in order to take some of my money. It's life and I've learned that I can accept it and still be happy.......it's my choice to be all PO'd over it or ignore it and move on. we can all be upset and move on...lolol... well not move on but to "deal with it" I may change my shopping habits and where I chose to place what little items I do have...and work harder at advertiseiing them in world.....and be less reliant on the MP... It is all a matter of choice on how we want to handle it or not..but does not negate the fact that they are nasty eye sores.....and I do not think they will go away any time soon..... So plan how to do sl differntly...
  11. Peggy Paperdoll wrote: But, again I guess I have to qualify my statements. I don't use Marketplace (I've not ever visited Marketplace in fact......on back when it was XStreet and that was a long time ago). The reason is simple. It revolves around your statement (the one I quoted).......keeping people in SL and not somewhere outside SL. Marketplace is outside SL. well I use the MP alot.. if I need more information I hope there is a current LM to it inworld... it is quicker to find things in the MP than inworld.. The search inworld has something left to be desired.... 5% of sales is not enough.....to make.. in other worlds...or virtual c hats they pay a fee.. to submit things... then they get a per centage of each sale...and yes there are people who can still earn a living off that.... Publishers clearning house and Guffins what ever that is.. a virtal pet site I think.... are what ads I am seeing.. sigh.. Anyway.. Creators may hate me.. I think LL has not raised their profit margine on their items for a while....and we all know w ith economy the way it is prices are on the rise.. like gas.. they are not going to go down le ts all face it... as sad as it is.... I think they (LL) should get rid of the ads....( with unknown profi t amount) ...They shou ld raise it from 5% to 10% that is 10 lindens for every 100lin dens still cheap and may be pay 5L to submit....and for premuim customers .. reduced or free submiss ion s... Yes it take s up storeage on their servers.. for the market place but so do they in world as well.....So no matter what it takes up room...it is all on how things are distrubuted. I still say get rid of them.... * ok waits to be stoned *
  12. The thing about the ads ... 1. They are hideious 2. They take up room from the creators of SL 3. My concern are not the cookies....But are 2 fold A.... that some malious scripts ( not tracking cookies) could and have slipped by....and let me say unless you click on them they are harmless.. B.... Are the sites themselves....Are these real sites... are they legit.... are they fishing sites.... or posing sites saying they are one site but are just posing as such... and I question the integrity of such sites that use this method of advertising invoved..... 4. I do have to question how much money is LL getting from these.. they do not get money unless somone clicks on these ads......and if people click on these ads.... it takes them away from SL..... and SL creators.......we want people to stay on and at SL not venture off to parts unknown .......becuae if they go off to parts unknown... how are we making money? LL might be making money but what about the creators... 5. which brings me to my next point.....They will be opening itup to those who are creators here in SL Kudos...... but, why not have done that from the start?.....Keep the people in SL....In the market place..and their Money and thier Lindends...I say if there are going to be ads on the pages.. whether in the portal or the MP...... Lets keep the busniness here.... do not send them else where.....and kick those hideous adds off SL! And heaven forbid they should turn up inworld...or maybe that is where.. oh n ever mind point made.
  13. Love the Moody Blues by the way... To translate the song to have meaning to this thread and topic LINDEN LABS MUST BE TRIPPEN
  14. OMG now there are ads on the right side of the MP pages OMFG ...when will this F'n madness stop...really LL... sigh... very sad.
  15. :smileysad:I want to regurgitate, becuase of these ads......... Well placed... Pfft... there is no such thing.... I scroll up so I do not have to look at them..... they are an eye sore.. and at another site if you pay to have your name.. they will remove the ads........should be the same here those with permuim accounts should not see them.... I would not trust my computer to click on half those ads anyway.....Yes they are safe.. but never know when something might slip in... I say to those who have premuim accounts.. we should not see them!.
  16. Ok silly question and been debating this with a friend If I become invisible......from my firends... I am still as on line in groups if we share the same group... It use to be I could be seen by the "web" tab in my profile that I was on line...... Now. we are not sure when one is on a differnt sim and I am invisible on another one.. could they still see my dot on the map..?
  17. Thank you Medhue... I will try to play around with differnt frames number of frames.. I is just a static pose. but who knows LOL Again thank you you!
  18. I a cannot up load new poses that I have done.. old ones are fine.. I am using SLAT, 2 frames, first one preturbed..............second one the pose.....bvh file upload.. Proiity 4 looped..... what I have always done.. now the pose instead of holdling.. it is jittery between first and second frames.... I have tried both Pheonix firestorm and sl viewers.. both current..........Does not matter what sim I am in....Getting truly frustrated.... did something change that I am not aware about?:matte-motes-stress:
  19. No did not change setting since other peoples clothing does not flash.. only mine.. I guess I will try a different size alpha layer.. does....
  20. Well, he has tried on 2 different computers .. Both FS viewer.... updated on one computer......flashing decreased.... Used SL viewer, does not flash.. ... Mesh furniture he has does not flash...another friend,she wears mesh...does not flash.......he wears all mesh and does not flash..it is only me... could it be I am using the worng size alpha layers?
  21. Well I can wear it. but my firend says it starts flashing.. a little at first then becomes insane.... and I have to change clothing.. But it is only mesh clothing he has problems with.. Other mesh items are fine... Help! I spent money on really nice stuff and cannot wear it...
  22. My partner and I have region.. and we had it set to one group for when we open it up to a few tenants .. ..but woudl ike another group to manage. the items on the land that we do not want any one else to move around but be able to move eath others items...( the thing in the friends list really does nto work all that well)...and I am estate manager,,, this does not give me access to his items either....... we need to be able to access eachthers items..... And setting things to a group , that woudl restrict those not in the group from using the menus on chairs etc...? ..Is this possible and what is the best way...so confused..
  23. I want to to remove someone from the group I created, but I have set them up as owner. I cannot remove them since they have owner abilites and I cannot delete the group It is my group I created. Help.......
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