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  1. Ok never mind... got it... now the forms look strange...and I cannot delete this post it said Authentication failed....sigh...
  2. Ok The last few releases including this one for the blasted new way to do marketplace listings, I have noticed I cannot access the beta grin through the SL viewer.....Why? And when will this feature come back?
  3. Will there be a way to Opt Out of this Experience Keys? I am not too excited about the Experience Keys.... I do not so many permission pop ups to annoy me and I do not mind them... I mean really what I feel like one day I may not feel like the next day when I visit that particular sim. In truth, it will cause me to visit and travel around even less in SL. Managing the Keys in my SL experience would be more of a pain in the ass that a help.
  4. OH ok thank you! But what if there is an odd size like there is one in ?Auction now 1536M It falls between the 1024 and 2048 what happens then..
  5. I am thinking about getting some land at acution but How do you know what yoru tier payment will be once you buy it?:matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  6. Well it works fine for what I need it. I think Limited versions are rare compared to other t ypes. So to me it is not broken. For maybe a small percentage is it.. The greater precentage does not do limited version. And I do not purchase them either. I watched the video again you have an inworld screen to list and fill out your listing in world...The only thing is says you can do from the market place is list it and unlist it. I do not like all those folders... to me it is just visually confusing.. you all can have it. I will stick to my plans and I may shut down my MP...have not decided that yet. He says more simple to use.. pfft I am glad it is only in beta maybe it will not be finalized...... I say keep the current system since the percentage does not do limited versons of stuff. scampers off to work
  7. Oh I have read about it... and I have watche the videos that is how I spent my time this morning before work. The Merchant Box works fine ... Why fix something that is not broken? Oh and the person who said Ask us what we need or I would add, even would like.......Assuming we would want this and would like that is a huge step... I do not like the idea of stuff out of my inventory being sold. And Do I have to move everything I have now in the MP to the new system? I think I will spend money on a vender and open a store. I will be looking for cheap commercial proptery.... in the future.
  8. Ok let me first start off with saying I hate change.. I was never good at it. That being said.. I do not want more stuff on my viwer screen.....I do not want ot manage my listings... in a window through my viewer... Will this cause more lag.... than I have already now? Can I just drop it in and go to the markeplace like I do now and fill it all out there? I like to see the item page before I activate it. Do we have any options in how we like to do this? :matte-motes-confused: Not that I have alot of stuff but I may think twice about creating now. Or just have a small store in world. I do not know yet.
  9. I got this cute halter I textured and put into my market place. But the Alpha mask.. (layer) is not working.. Not making that part of my body invisible. My jeans alpha is working so are my shoes... but when I Add or even Wear......I still see that part of my body that should be invisible for the halter. I have the layer and I have the texture for it. Not sure what to do. .and the creator is away till the end of the month! sighs.. bit beside myself
  10. to the moderators please tell me when my posts are being deleted and why. Edited out that one word.. shakes head geesh [17:04] Lolas :::Tango ::: Wet Look Intensity 3 Updated: Touch or say "menu" on channel 99 to get the menu I seem to not be able to get an update if there is one. I bring up the menu on the lolas, there is no button for update I have done /99 menu and /99menu nothing happens There is no help from group.... there is no group chat nor notices. to ask The customer service is non existant. can any one help? or know where there is actual help or customer service
  11. LOL well lets hope cause it is a bit less sunshiney for me...more like cloudy and over cast. The graphics card I have not I use to be able to have the settings on High.. that was the suggested setting, where they put it at when I got this card. Now it want to put that setting lower...I will do my research and hedge my bets on a new card...it will not be for a month or so.. but going with my gut...:matte-motes-wink-tongue: well in sl my gut is hollow lol doe to alpha layer but I will work with what gut I got! LOLOL
  12. Thank you so much for all your help. Well, I know somethings of mine went poof......from inventory not my textures but organizing boxes...but maybe some textures now theyh would not be something I would delete.... Thank you every one !
  13. UGH will this effect my customers if it is an item texture?
  14. You know I have tried everyhting I was told to deal with the blurring.....for some reason does not help.. then ther eis the mesh not showing up.. tried everthing with that too..... One thing both have in common.......That is the introduction of mesh viewers and project cloudy ( yes I know it is project sunshine)....My graphics card I replaced just over two years ago.. before mesh viewers... or right before it .. anyway.. Everything ran and loaded like a dream, my lag was gone adn omg the detail....it was like discovering SL all over again......But now.... I get laggy, blurry textures.....mesh not loading till I click on it.... even sculpts are deformed.....somtimes till I texture refresh... or I relog if it is bothering me too bad... as I said I have done all that was suggested... now I am left to researching a new graphic card..........:matte-motes-stress:
  15. Ok I am not sure how to word this. I have vendors and items.. I put things in storage so to speak... so I does not take up space in myh inventory. Well now I cannot find some of the stuff.. so I rezzed it out and right clicked to get the texture.. but it is not located in my inventory proper...so I cannot find it..... I am wanting to use another vendror and need that picture.... OI will be adding the name of that texture for my item..... in the vender will it still owrk or does it need to dray from my inventory.. the same with my item textures........ for all my items... do they need to be kept in myh inventory.. will it effect the copies of the poeple who buy my stuff? I guess I may have to retake the pictures......sigh Someone help.. I have not a clue how inventory it tied in to all this and the inventory cache thing.. what does that do.. I mean I lost half my textures to boot.. for my items...UGH:matte-motes-sour::matte-motes-stress:
  16. This is what I see of my pants this morning.. did not happen yesterday.. just this morning and rebake did not work ... going to edit outfit did not work still waiting to load.
  17. Well in the video it look like almost instant compared to the blur.....I just see no changes in how things load.. actually I do not see or I should say notice any of the changes..I guess maybe it is partly our computers..
  18. Well I guess I am not the only one who is having the same issues.....Not thatthis is any sort of comfort though.... and I do not not see a differnce when wearing stuff.. how it is suppose to be almost instant.....instead of taking a few second.. it still takes a few seconds...Good thing I was not holding my breath...I spent a whole night dancing and my dance parter seen me as grey excpet feet and hair yet I seen myself correctly. No matter what we did helped :matte-motes-crying:
  19. Just did and I looked hideous.. lol seems to hve fixed it so far .....crosses fingers thank you for your help... or I may have to hang in adult sims all thetime lolol
  20. Checked everything.. I created a nude avatr base with nothing but my but my huds on :smileyembarrassed: lolol Anyway Now it is happening to all my clothing with pants.... and haveing several other outfit issues....I am now nude...nothing but huds I put on a top and only the bottom half shoes up... and it is a "Jacket" there is only one part to this top....I would contact that creator but seems tbe happening to all of them. There seems to be a line at my waist.... my nipples do not show. This is the Shirt that is a "Jacket" one piece..... now o nly the bottom hem shows.... becuase of what ever is on the first picture. Ok but as you can see.. I have nothing on and I apologize for the pics..I did cover stuffs up... LOLOL
  21. Alpha layer all of a sudden decides..to make me nude lolol I have this outfit.. had it on for a couple days.. have it saved and all, Well was tring on new outfits..... all is good. until I changed back into what I had on.....the next thing I know that only my jewlery and shoes and pant cuffs decided to show... not the rest of it....... It turns out, it is the alpha layer for my shoes..... that decided all of a sudden to give me problems.. So far I know it is only this one outfit.. and it was fine before....no other alpha layers..... it is probably something stupid I over looked as usual....:matte-motes-confused:
  22. I just did now.. and it is the same thing..My friend is here now and the same thing is happening to him.. Let me change sims...
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