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  1. Just now, Solar Legion said:

    That's the OGL and Driver version, not the card model itself.

    For most uses, the 400 series drivers aren't really needed ... They're meant for the 2000 series nVidia RT/RTX models and a few functions (as of the 415 set of drivers) for Linux users and some older software/games (Transform feedback for example).

    If you mean a Lenovo Laptop ... yeah, that'd be a bit of an issue.

    do not run on laptop it is a desktop.  still not crazy about the brand.  But my graphics is not good enough to use a VR thus another reason for the purchase of a new card...


  2. 48 minutes ago, Candice LittleBoots said:

    With the information provided I have no idea if this would be relevant to you, but it might be ..



    So far this seems to have helped some what... I have that folder marked so I have easier access.. I was reading your thread and someone said about defragmenting...  I have I believe an SSD as well but when I go to defragment my computer it says less than 1% needs it so I do not bother.


    Solar,  my graphics is  OpenGL Version: 4.6.0 NVIDIA 417.35 that could be why. It is up to date I just checked. I have a leveno.. never again.....still looking for a new graphics card though .. 

  3. Is there still a feature for, is it just for sim owners....about age of the account or there is a gaget for that as well..  You can set it to the age you allow avatars to enter. I know when I created my alt several years ago I could not enter a place till my account was three months old. This place not sure if we can say the names of the creators but it also sells security orbs as well.

  4. Every two years seems I need a new graphics card for this game.. Other games I have no issues. I got this computer two years ago. Because the project sunshine lagged my other computer badly.. I needed a new computer anyway. .. Now I have this one it is two years old... when I got it,  Second life ran like a dream I was excited all over again. Only now to have the nightmare of lag back once again and to read about all these up coming 'improvements' I am already researching for new graphics card..Memory is not the problem. it is the dang graphics card.. Will you please for the love of peatmoss stop it. 

    It is a real chore  any more here.

  5. I was  browsing through  Destinations and I noticed down on the comments section... where I can leave a comment..There is a pic to my Facebook... now I do not remember linking the accounts... and I know no one can see it unless I post something, with that said if I did want to post something a comment there.... well I would not. My Facebook is for my real life not my Second Life. How do I unlink them???


  6. Why post about anything really.., it is a form of communication or expressing thoughts or opinions.. if it was soo unessesary why post to my thread? Maybe, I was hoping for opinions and insites I have not thought of or considered just beause to you is is unnessesary does not mean it is to me or someone else just like the post you quoted..from Callum Meriman, everyones needs will be differnt. So to YOU it is unessesary, and you know what, that is totally fine:matte-motes-big-grin: I am ok with that. I am not you and you are not well me... LOL 

    Now back to the Visual Outfit Browser topic.. I wish it could work for me and the way I set up my outfits and avatars...I was hoping I was wrong. Thank you for every ones input.. 

    Mods you can put this thread to rest.:matte-motes-yawn:

  7. I do not want to have many bodies.. the point is keeping it to few as possible.. like 2 bodies saved...and wear any outfits I want with either body. I want to limit the number of links possible it helps with rezz in time and it does lag your viewer to have so much in your inventory.  I been in sl for 6 years and have under 20,000 items in my inventory.. I know people who been her 4 years and have close to 100,000 in thiers. Trying to keep stream lined as possible.



  8. I love the idea do not get me wrong. That is if I could use it. They way I have my outfits set up it will aways come up with my body base as my current outfit Elven Body with Ears......this is what it will always come up as no matter what I wear. I have folders I can say Wear  or Remove from my current outfit cause my body body IS my current outfit...I have it set up this way, for a reason...I can change bodies...but still wear the same outfits I created with out saving it yets again..not sure if that made sense LOL but I do think it is a great idea and long over do. but sadly I cannot use it. :matte-motes-crying:

  9. Well it has been a year since I been there and I do not remember older passwords once I change my password the old one goes poof in my head.. I just created a new password and i still cannot get in I guess I will give it sometime for the servers to update? how long?

  10. Hey thank you guys for responding.. I do textures but I am on a hunt for full perm mesh and I may be asking someone to do  full perm meshes for me. All fit mesh..Not sure what that weill entail but, I am going to try.


    Keep the suggestions coming.. thank you

  11. hey thank you for your reply....

     I have found two good creators..for mens clothes in my travels. Cold Ash and Deadwool.. I will give these two props..

    I will only work with mesh and I like clothing to look as real as possble. I also like fit mesh that will more closely transform to your body then rigged mesh...

    I know mens fashions are not as fun as womens..(which I am starting to get into.. ) But I would like to go where the market is..

  12. I know of alot of great mens clothing creators...but yet I constantly hear from men, there is nothing for them... and say women have more of a choice... Well yes we may have more of a selection..Mens fashion I think is not really as popular in rl as well..


    I want to know from the men in sl what types or styles they are looking for. Be specific and give pictures or links for examples...

    I would like to try my hand at some mens clothing.. and would like to help them out in the what to wear! I would appreciate any feed back!


    Thank you!

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  13. I figured it out.... just in case this might have happened to someone else.. I did set it up right.... and I had sumbitted other things that day as well and they were just fine...

    It turned up I created 2 listings for this.....why or how it happened I do not know.... but one listing WAS listed......and does show up in my MarketPlace. I think because the other one was a dublicat of the one that is listed could be the reason.. I deleted the on that was listed and so far everything seems to be fine.

  14. I have a few pieces of mesh clothing in my MP, I am making demos for them. but I am unsure how to market them.


    I have a Maitreya mesh body.. and it works with it ...if I do a slight adjustment to the size of my thighs....not that they are huge.. but it make them fit the dress better. Would it be acceptable to say it works with Maitreya Mesh body, as long as I state that some body modification may be needed? Or should I just advertise it for classic only.. with a demo...


    Please help

    Thank you

  15. Thank you to the both of you for replying. I will fill out what needs to be filled out.


    I love texturing and the creative process but the tedium of getting stuff ready to up load pictures etc...for store and the MP drive me nutty and is painful for me.. and for this to happen UGH! sighs I guess we will see what happens may be years from now when they totally revamp the MP and we get a whole new set of bugs! 

  16. I recently added 5 items to the marketplace and only three of them are showing the names of the items, the other two are not.


    I did them one at time to make sure all went smoothly...


    I checked for errors and non were found.....


    (non of them are active right now)

  17.  Sorry I did not reply to a specific post. But it was mentioned I think on page three about charging a dollar per item.. I do not think that will fix the isseus....tossing money at things never fixes things.. And it woudl keep smaller creators like me from putting stuff in the marketplace.. where there is more traffic than you get in world... So I would have to give up my inworld land and store just to pay for my market place listtings.. That would not make it very much fun or very productive and the little creators as my self will just stop.


    I think some things are creator created problems.. Like I put in Maitreya since that I the mesh body I have... and I will accept Omega appliers as well....for the search results.. but I get results where the creators themselves. use Maitreya for their key terms.....and their items does not work with the body or does not have the applies. They are just looking for Lindens.. I believe.. and tossing one linden per item will not fix it...Maybe giving a smaller keyword space could cut down on some of it.. but it will always be those out there who will spam and abuse ... and there is no 100% fool proof way to fix it.


    That would be the only issue I have is from creators themselves, not nessasarily the marketplace itself.


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