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  1. Viewer 3.0 persistently crashes out on my biggest machine 8(. Is it an Nvidia issue? This is a Dell t7400 with 2 auad core 2.0 Xeons, 12GB of RAM and 64 bit Win 7. The login *sometimes* finishes; other times it says that the NVidia driver (latest release, 280.something) has lost contact with OpenGL this-or-that and has restarted. After the GFX driver restarts; no SL executable. What do I do next?
  2. Argh! PLEASE PLEASE make the floating windows float OUTSIDE the render window! if I open lots of floaters I have to expand the render to a scale that slows my machine down - what I want is a view unencombered by floaters, which can all go on my 2nd screen. If I epand the render window across both screens then the card fan goes crazy and the machine crashes...
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