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  1. I got this message on log in screen. I am having problems with some things not showing on my screen. Firestorm has detected a possible issue with your settings The settings control TextureDiscardLevel should be at 0. Reason: This might cause textures to look blury and scullpties might fail to load properly current setting 3 So i did find how to set it to 0 and made sure am at 512Mb. Still same thing, same objects not showing up. Reading the WIKI now, it says for those who are having same problem here- If you have a 64-bit system and more than 4 GB of memory (RAM), you can try one of the 64-bit Firestorm versions. These are less subject to this kind of crashing. Preferences → Graphics -> Hardware Settings → Viewer Texture Memory Buffer - reduce by 128. ie, if it is current at 512, reduce to 384; if it is at 384, reduce to 256; if at 256, reduce to 128. Do not set below 128. Reduce your normal draw distance Preferences → Graphics → Hardware Settings → Enable OpenGL Vertex Buffer Objects - Disable this. Reduce your inventory size by boxing up items, clearing your trash and/or deleting old stuff. Also, do not open multiple inventory floaters unless you really have to. IMPORTANT: Do NOT do the following if you are using a 64 bit operating system! If you don't have the Advanced menu enabled, enable it with Ctrl-Alt-D. Then, Advanced → Debug Settings. Type in FSDestroyGLTexturesImmediately and set to TRUE. This is likely to use more bandwidth and mean textures that have previously loaded will go grey quickly when you look away, but it should reduce the frequency of crashes.
  2. I cannot find any way to post an event. My group and land settings are good foor me to post. I cannit find any button for posting.
  3. Go to Rolyat Estates, use teleport pad to Class1. Classes are held for Clothing making, w/flexi prims, on Wed and Fri from 4-6pm/ Classes are by Yoyota Fall, you can view her items at her shoppe at Rolyat or at Rolyat Mall (teleport pads there will take you there). Classes are free, but we encourage you to tip her nwhat you can for her time and experience.
  4. After going there I decided what a waist of money and time spent by LL. Trying to compete with their clients? Might be ok for grade school kids, a separate game. Truly wish the time and money would go to new servers, if that is what is wrong, or better qualified techs that do not mess up things EVERY time they touch a server. Please LL, spend more on the tech end of SL, and less on the fluff we do not need? This kind of reminds me of having Market Place, LL getting their piece of the client pie.
  5. I have been on SL for over 4 years and my partner and I have literally a fortune tied up in this game, and my question is, why do you always "fix" things no one wants? Things that we ALL complain about are ignored. Do you realize we are the consumer and that literally there are a lot of new competing games out now? Why are you trying to make SL like Facebook? Why are you taking away the titles that say what viewer someone is using, hmm, so that others will not see that the majority do not like the SL viewer, oh yes, you will be getting the benefits of developers of other viewers free now, maybe all the developers you have should be fired and get some developers with ability to integrate good features? Oh wait, now you will get their ideas free or we can't have them. I am totally upset about the online indicators I have in my club that have our employees pictures and status on them not working now. Does LL plan on compensating all who have them and the makers? My employees can now be elsewhere during events and not attend, because I won't even know if they are on line now. And... how is that going to work anyway, as now you can choose who you want to see if you are on line or not, but does it now mean all or none can see if you are? The way it was announced does not make sense with what I am hearing was said about some features, actually it was rather vague but implied things like RLV and a lot more could not be used, yet hearing it can, guess it was vague for a reason, that way you can pick and choose what you want? Once again you have your entire base of users confused and upset. Thank you.
  6. You can adjust the box already and if anything I would like a smaller box.
  7. Storm, my opinion is you are a cheating rat
  8. I just want to be able to get to profiles! The web based browser we have to go to (which is stupid and unsafe) will not work in my computer's Firefox or SL's browser. Also having people able to not show up is a pain and a blessing for those who need to be AR'd on.. But even worse is no spot to leave notes. WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS FIXING THINGS THAT DO NOT NEED FIXING,MAKING THEM WORSE, AND NOT FIX THINGS THAT DO? Seriously.
  9. I have been having issues with my inventory as well since i downloaded new viewer. Every time I log in i have totally different amount in my inventory, by thousands. And DUH, of course I cleared cache and tried again
  10. My partner and I own well over a SIM. We definately do not use or allow Red Zone and have the green Zone decctors all around for people to get. We have a Mall, Shopping areas, Clubs, residential areas and interactive areas. I am currently having a problem with a neighbor who has her two Red Zone bots set for SIm wide, when she does not own the whole SIM, and is not listening about setting it for her parcel. These two Red Zone Bots fly through where I am trying to rent houses, at the rate of once a minute. I have parcel music off and set object entry to only group, yet they still fly through my property at once a minute. This has become a problem trying to rent houses on my property. (I did send an AR, we will see what happens) My opinion of Red Zone- I personally know they gave someone names of another person's ALTS, and it was for personal reasons, nothing to do with copy bot. Their database has questionable security and their employees aparantly none, as they give out ALT's. I understand LL has made it so they cannot collect alt names recently, so it is said anyway, now, but although better late than never, Red Zone's database is absolutely enourmous and already has info on ALTS, and a lot more info as well. My husband does security for the Gov. I am not blowing smoke here. Red Zone is a stalkers dream come true. Just a thought, how about banning BOTS all together? Reasons stated by those who are for bots are ridiculous, they can use an ALT. hmmm, bots make the number count of the amount of people on SL rise by the thousands, maybe that is the reason LL does not care? ONly thing I ever saw them do abolut it was go after campers and take camping pads out. idk
  11. i have to agree with Ansariel Hiller! Besides "we get rich by data mining you and selling your data", Facebook stores everywhere you go on the web for 90 days, guess now they will be able to store everywhere and everything you do or say on SL too? I would not doubt it! All this is fluff to get new members that probably will not join anyway, and time better spent on improving server performance, crashing etc. to keep the people already here on SL
  12. It is somewat good that you listened to some suggestions on this, however, it is sad that you did not read the OVERWHELMING response that WE DO NOT WANT THIS AT ALL SPENDING TIME ON THIS PIDDLY WANT BY ...WELL I DO NOT KNOW, ALL POSTS SEEM TO SAY THEY DO NOT WANT IT...INSTEAD OF WORKING ON MAJOR PROBLEMS SL HAS IS MIND BOGGLING
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