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  1. this happens a lot lately i'd just reported 1 a few min ago, they even using new tricks now, this time they send a group chat msg 1st with ''A Free Christmas Gift'' with the link , and the link was from altervista the avatar name who send is also stolen by the same reason , they steal your pass like that and use your account to send more fake links like this. really LL should do something about this cuz this is getting very serious, and the solution is pretty easy LL should let the marketplace communicate with the login on the viewer and not via the marketplace it self for example as soon u login with your viewer you are also logged on the marketplace or 2 totally different passwords with the old system that xstreet used in the past, with sending money to your xstreet account
  2. i have the same prob also mines doesn't work at all anymore and this happen in april 2012 till today september it did work before but now i am just not able anymore to add stuff on the marketplace everytime i am getting marketplace initialization failed initialization with the marketplace failed because of a system or network error. try again later. i'd tryed anything i could do anything i could find on the jira but nothing worked really this whole merchant outbox thing is a waste of time again, the xstreet box is working just fine so why are they going to remove something thats working just fine, LL isn't doing anything about it they just make it worse well at least the one that came up with this id
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