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  1. I've actually tried to get the free bear and it just isn't getting delivered ... if its not free I can get it delivered but free items don't seem to wont to get delivered (which makes finding a 1L item to buy in the hope it will trigger the free item as well)
  2. If I have A store created already n yet I want to go n switch things over yet it still gives me the saying Create Marketplace store I would like to know how this is going to get resolved?? I have my store number that has been create and the date it took place in 2008 would like to know please???
  3. I'm useing A windows system I still cannot get the merchant outbox to work I still get Create A Marketplace store, And I have been A Merchant for A couple years now. I followed the tutorial and still got no where: Any suggestions anyone??
  4. BLEEEEEEEP!! I wonder when LL will support Mac (then again they never really have from the get go - but still) Thanks for the link Nalates its appreachated and helpful (if not a peeve off info to learn)
  5. well this is what the page says to do... "Drag all Marketplace items from your inventory to the MERCHANT OUTBOX and click the Send to Marketplace button." Well I have NO Idea if it works or not because I CAN'T drag anything into the Merchant Outbox, I've tried single items from my folders (that I am selling), I've tried the boxed version of the same item (from the downloaded magic box) and it still will NOT let me load anything into the merchant outbox. I also don't understand why the outbox says "If you'd like to become a merchant, you'll need to create a Marketplace store.&quo
  6. As other's have said it can work depending on what both parties are looking for and what both parties are willing to put into the relationship to make it work - like anything it takes work, understanding and a willingness to do what you need to do to make it happen. I meet my hubby though SL in 2008, we got SL married and a year and a day later got RL married - we meet face to face after only knowing each other on SL for 7 months a month after we meet face to face for the first time he asked me to be his wife and I agreed - actually though we'd get married a lot later then we did but we move
  7. As other's have said its possible that an LDR will work out N and I started that way our selves he was in the US me in Canada - not far in general save he was west coast me its the east coast so different time zones and ya some distance to travel (two plus days by bus) We meet on SL early 2008 near the end of 2008 we meet in person for the first time a month later he asked me to marry him, 6 months later we got real life married (almost mid 2009) and it took until middle of last year for him to get him immigration papers so he could immigrate to live in my country (he didn't wish for me to i
  8. I was on SL for a few years (different account) before I got involved with my now hubby. For me SL was SL and RL was RL and the two just didn't mix - till he came into the picture and changed that view. We connected on more then an SL level enough so that we actually got married on SL and a year and a day later we got married in real life (after only being engaged for 6 months). I would say that SL to RL does happen it just doesn't happen very often since many on SL are not looking for RL - and those who are are in the minority of the deal. My hubby was looking for RL I wasn't looking for RL
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