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  1. Hello:) I was not able to log in as well... Kicks a rock lol , I was in the middle of work gahh... But it must be down... Hopes it's up and running soon:) Have a super day PrettyB
  2. Hello SL Waves and smiles I wanted to share with all SL my new Haunted House open for all to tour based on the Amityville Horror House as well a Corn Maze , Graveyard , Hay Ride , Free Halloween Costume and Halloween Hunt Happy Halloween With Much Love To All PrettyB Durant PS Please mind the lag due to many scripted items sorry no way around it;) Please enjoy http://slurl.com/secondlife/Nevada/134/60/23 
  3. I'm unable to log in due to I forgot my password and the old email addy is closed under a ALTs name ...Please Help... Thank you
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