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  1. @SappaDallagio and Sephy McCaw Thank you both! @SappaDallagio Yes I have tried other viewers, they work perfectly, I maintain 60+ FPS all the time. I heard a rumor that SL was switching to viewer 3 permanently, taking all the old viewers offline, so I figured I would bite the bullet and get used to the new viewer. I had actually not looked at what other ATI users have said (I should have) so I thank you for that. @Sephy McCaw I went into my setting and I turned that off. I have no Idea why OpenGL was on at all. When I turned it off an instant boost of performance. Now I can actually
  2. Something needs to be addressed about the performance issues Viewer 3 is giving some of us ATI users. I have a ATI 6970, which when it first came out, was a about $400. I find it unnaceptable that my computer Hecta-Core computer cannot run Second Life with decent FPS. Second Life needs to have better support for graphic cards of all types, including enthuist type cards, not just chip-sets. I have even tried overclocking my card, RAM, and processor to gain at least a playable FPS, and still Second Life viewer 3 wont put out anymore FPS. It's unplayable. In a moderatly busy sim, on lowest setti
  3. Thank you very much. I figured as much, it kinda sucks though.
  4. Hey guys, I am trying to add a Visa debit card to my account so I can buy lindens. Ever since they took the exchange down, it seems that visa gift cards are not allowed. Is anyone else having this issue? if so any thoughts or work around you could give out? thank you.
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