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  1. Dutchie just got their US trademark for their brand name. Not sure they do stuff outside of SL too.
  2. Actually I would 100pct, as again it offers no value to other buyers it's the same "today I liked a yellow sundress". If, however, it said I liked this item because the mesh was well made, low complexity, matched the description, did not cause me lag and was functional - then that is linked to a root cause and would be fine. I rarely see 5 star reviews like that so my opinion is across all ratings that don't provide useful information to other buyers. I see Dakota liked your comment, but did not react to mine All joking aside, reviews I feel are a less useful aspect to marketpl
  3. I really don't think reviews should come down to "I did not like it" 1 Star if there is an inworld demo or online demo available. These should be removed if void of a root cause of that dislike linked to faulty product/misinformation in description etc. If it's just on the day they woke up they no longer liked yellow sundresses, that is not the merchant's issue or fault. That's a subjective opinion not a fair review on the product and often is buyer's remorse. In some (many) cases it's also a bargaining chip to get the creator to refund etc to remove the review. It doesn't techni
  4. That's kind of frustating as I hoped to have quicker physics checks, I have to be honest I always revert to the LL viewer for anything with physics to upload - have you seen if the behaviour is consistent on that viewer too in the develop menu?
  5. So I have been dabbling in clothing for a change of scenery and am working on a floor length gown with a level of detail that works for Second Life. I don't want to start on the wrong foot by making a 500,000 K poly gown that crashes the grid, so as part of my learning experience I have been asking a lot of questions to find the right balance. I won't be perfect but I do want to aim to be a good citizen with my designs. I have read a lot of threads here, plus google searches and the wiki and Jelly Babies information etc. What I found interesting and compounded by a question I asked
  6. Scarlet Creative is branching out into clothing in 2018 with our first releases planned for Feb. Scarlet Creative has been active in Second Life since 2006. We are looking for an experienced, responsible and accurate rigger for our projects.Riggers will need to be experienced with rigging and weight painting for fitted mesh for Maitreya, Belleza and Slink. Also testing on the beta grid to ensure accurate outputs. We prefer Maya, but can be Blender/Avastar if required (our workflow is Maya currently). We expect releases once a month, which may increase to weekly over the next
  7. Hi I would add a store name as a banner (make in GIMP or Photoshop) to give your store an identity. When I looked at your listings it didn't seem to tell me who your brand is so woud be easy to forget (repeat customers are what help sales). Perhaps consider having your product shots redone. A lot of creators hire a photographer who works well with lighting/styling etc to create appealing images. You can trawl through Flickr to find SL photographers who take commissions and then also look at their work before you hire them. Also consider having a brand/logo that shows in ea
  8. And this is why houses should be mod, it's lovely seeing somebody going through and improving, learning and finding good use from a mod object!
  9. My ticket still has been open > 1 month with zero response since Dakota. I popped a chaser in to see if that gets any movement. @Dakota Linden - any progress/news you would like to share with people please?
  10. Now perhaps I unlisted my item in my sleep (honestly I am not ruling it out - I do my best work asleep). I am not premium but am a concierge account (does that still exist? anyway). It's been 14 days since my ticket was opened and nothing has been updated... Is that a normal turnaround time - 14 days?? Dakota Linden said 14 days ago Hello Charlotte Bartlett, Thank you for letting us know that one or more of your Second Life Marketplace P
  11. Only the authorised copyright holder can initiate a takedown so doubt it was somebody being uneducated - if they filed a takedown it was very specific and requried them to use the correct format/file and fax it or post it and declare they were authorised to act as the copyright holder / perjury statement etc. From memory as non copyright related, I think LL do sometimes I think sweep listings e.g. vast abuses of Trademarked names (again the OP hasn't done this) so wonder if some other reason caused the issue that isn't evident yet.
  12. If you got a DMCA takdown notification - you can't file a ticket for general support, you have to counterfile and the notice should have given you information on how to do that exactly. Full information is here - https://www.lindenlab.com/legal/intellectual-property-infringement-notification-policy plus your notice should have given you this information if your works were subject to a takedown. If not, can you paste what it said (taking any personal information out)?
  13. I think her amazing tutorials are linked from Strawberry's blog ?
  14. The SL marketplace I think will also let you search for a house by price low to high I think albeit there is a ton of outdated stuff that will come up.. so you may want to add some specific terms like mesh house and the style you like e.g. Rustic or Modern. You can try to visit some events in SL as they often have new discounted items. A good blog for events to check is Seraphim SL, a google search will bring it up. You can then check the actual events website and catelog to see if anything matches your preferences. Prices can start at 50l and above.
  15. I think now we understand what your aim is there may be a better approach. I recommend Going to Strawberry Singh's blog and reading her how to become a content creator piece and use her links. Perhaps start with something with hard lines and not organic e.g. a basic pot or coffee table. That will allow you to start to get the basics in blender e.g. Low poly model, physics model, LODs, materials and baking textures, uploading then it will help you decide where to focus e.g. If you want to do clothing look for Avastar and their tutorials. You may also want to get the basics with gimp and
  16. CG Trader actually excludes Second Life under 21.2: not for users to re-package as goods distributed or sold inside a virtual world. The question is what distributed means. Even if you upload for personal use, you are still granting LL certain rights on upload and providing them a license to display the item on your screen (kind of/for example). The fact they call out virtual worlds gives you a hint their sellers are NOT comfortable with usage in Second Life and you likely should contact the seller to outline the specific usage you want ahead of purchase to get an approval (again
  17. To help on the learning and what Nabrej put. In game engines and Second LIfe to 'see' something, it has to have something called normals. This is basically the "face" of the polygon. So if you have a roof for example with "normals" facing outwards if you walked inside you would see the clear sky above you, if you walk outside and look up at the house you would see the roof. So the correct workflow would be to create "ceilings" inside the house with the "normals" facing inwards or downwards. That way inside the house you will see a ceiling and not the sky. That's not really
  18. Hi all I have run out of space on my sim but not prims and was thinking of downloading my terrain raw file and creating a copy of the terrain into mesh then uploading it so I can create another level to my sim in the air.... I may not have thought this all through properly yet and a lot of optimisation would need to occur, physics and then I would need to create "fake" water at the base. Has anybody done this before and if so any best practice to share / things I should avoid/is this a terrible idea? I would not need normals underneath. Even better does anybody offer this as
  19. I would avoid putting marketplace links on Flickr - they would likely consider the item an Ad they can be tricky with stuff like that. It would be nice if people have them on the front of their SL profiles with the store link like Dakota said - you can also sort yourself your store to the newest item - copy that longer link and use url shortener to put it in profile.
  20. I should add to this, I always then wondered (haha) outside of the big vendor companies why a viewer company didn't do a marketplace and have integration with their viewer.... you can tell I am not technical!
  21. LL really don't review all flags properly - I have had one flagged for over a year now. And it's not a review, it's some weirdo writing random stuff. So not even a subjective difference of opinion. LL are very arbitrary on what they remove, and that customer on the "review" above, I notedcarded, IM'd, and refunded to zero response which my super nice customer service hat on - so no matter what you do as a merchant you can't navigate the 10% who are genuinely poor customers. Somebody noted above they always get 5 star reviews - I don't and it's normally 99% of the time as they couldn't be
  22. It also is really not just which software.... to really get the bakes you want you are going to need to know how to light a scene, how to make it efficient etc (e.g. samples / balanced with AA). There is some fantastic theory out there made far more easier for the likes of us SL creators who are not always formally trained. I did the Grant Warrick Vray course. To get some theory under my belt on using Vray (even though he uses a different underlying software 3ds). So once I got the theory I could apply it to my specific workflow where applicable - it really helped my workflow spee
  23. If unsure if physics, you can run a test too - you can select the wall on edit linked parts, and set mesh to None versus prim - that should remove the physics shape (make sure you only have the edit linked part selected not the whole build) - if that fixes it you know it's a physics issue. You can then keep it as None and perhaps rez a transparent prim to ensure nobody can walk through the wall if the creator does not solve the issue for you.
  24. I have a random question, some of us use vendors (won't mention the names, but most creators will know the ones I mean). The one I use already has a marketplace (not working at the moment). In light of the above, what's to stop a networking solution where people can buy on a third party marketplace in USD/PayPal set up to be "cheaper" than if purchased inworld / SL Marketplace and the drop box system delivers the item - bypassing Linden Purchases / Lindex and cashing out etc. Saving the purchaser money on not having to buy more expensive Lindens and the creator money not having to cas
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