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    Next Steps for Mesh Import

    Basically, I invested into learning the tools, and over time invested into the purchase of Maya and Cinema 4D for my other work, knowing that mesh would eventually come into play for SL.

    I am a regular builder in SL - these days it's my relaxing time and what I enjoy.  I also like learning new things and see the new mesh capability as simply a new step in content creation.  Will I be able to compete with x y c architects if they hire a super whizz 3D designer - no, but I am not an architect and not a whizz 3D designer so if that happens I'll just go back to creating for my own use versus selling things in SL.    I do appreciate many creators rely on income from SL but with any evolving technology base changes will happen and I do think people need to consider how to react to that change.   Some creators I know who used to do SL development are now Iphone app developers for example, they transitioned into different technology streams as a result of change.

    I agree with the points above that Qie / Vivienne echoed above in regards to in-world Mesh building - this would be super if developed and sits in with the community elements we love SL for.

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