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    Auction Land

    I'm trying to bid on some land in the auction which hasn't been a problem until just recent when it keeps saying " For security reasons your session has timed out due to inactivity please log in again". I have logged in and out numerous times but still get this message when I click on "submit your bid", I have no other problems with my account or logging in anywhere else.
  2. Yammy Docherty

    fly speed?

    As far as I am aware you can't just make sure you arnt wearing some kind of AO that can increase your flight speed
  3. I had this problem a few months ago yet my dots were orange...it got worse and worse over time and then all of a sudden my graphics card died.
  4. I have noticed a squigly arrow that appears on my sim now and again that hasnt been there before. when i click it it says something like " region currently has pending path rights" what is this?
  5. Yammy Docherty

    Alpha Layers

    Having recently purchased some mesh shoes and a mesh jacket i have to wear alpha layers with them both...but one seems to overide the other and cause clothes to not fir correctly showing gaps. For example if i only wear my shoes alpha layer my Jacket alpha layer detaches itself and vise versa. I have tried wearing just the top half of body alpha layer and i presume the shoes just do the feet so why is this happening? as i cant seem to wear 2 different mesh products at once without them clashing
  6. I too mysteriously had 200 lindens deposited into my account other day...it wasnt from my xstreet magic box as that notifies me even if im online. My advise is just smile and keep it
  7. Yammy Docherty


    Having recently accquired a few free gifts from a store I decided I no longer wanted them and placed them on xstreet..Yes I charged a fee. I have recieved an in world IM from the shop owner stating that im in the wrong to do this and if i dont remove the items from xstreet i will be reported to Linden labs. These items were transferable and DID NOT come with any notecard or description saying you arnt allowed to resell the items. Does the owner of the store have a right in telling me i will be reported for reselling the goods or should they have made it clear that the free items arnt to be re-sold? Im a bit confused as to who is in the wrong here.
  8. For some unknown reason i am no longer able to view inworld TV,i keep getting a message saying " the adobe flash player or html 5 is required to view. Im currently running the most up to date adobe flash player and also quicktime..my browser is IE9 and im using Firestorm. Everything worked perfect until i switched to Firestorm....help please.
  9. Yammy Docherty

    Protected Land

    Can anyone please explain what Protected Land is please..what is it protected from? and what makes it different to other land?
  10. just try later its possibly secondlife gone offline
  11. i have recently updated Phoenix to version 1691 and i am wearing the new client bridge (version 16) but i can no longer see whos online or offline when i use calling cards or type their name in search, Their profile including mine (which i know i havent messed with any settings) is just blank above the born date..no offline or online showing, this is getting annoying as i have to say hello to people just to see if they r online or not. everything works fine if i click on 1 of my friends in my friends list...HELLLPPPPPPPPP
  12. Ive recently updated phoenix to the new version and currently wearing the version 16 phoenix bridge but when i search for people or click on my calling cards it is not showing online OR offline on their profile its just blank...also ive noticed the part in radar that tells you what viewer they are using isnt working either and its just quiestion marks.
  13. Ive just purchased a small 512 plot of mainland at a place called Midar Fell,im not new to the land stuff and prims but i should have 117 prims..its shows on the land discription as follows under objects tab... Simulator primitive usage 30 out of 820 (790 available) Primitive parcel supports 117 Prims on parcel 30 yes i do have 30 prims on the parcel but i certainly do not have an 820 allowance,i also have a plot of land on the same sim which is a 1024 and this is also showing these incorrect figures but 0 prims due to the fact i havent rezzed anything. Is something wrong with my land as ive visited other 512 pieces and they all show correct spec......Simulator primitive usage 0 out of 117 ( 117 Available ) which is correct.
  14. i know this is a mess about but have u tried re-locating your box to see if its something to do with the sim not comunicating with xstreet ?
  15. Have u tried removing the item from magic box and re-inserting it to see if it sorts it out? Also the inventory page on xstreet has changed and now the new item appears above all the rest of the items waiting for u to edit it..maybe u have over looked it
  16. I wouldnt worry too much as i suspect a report of someones behaviour to LL is private and confidential. If u reported something to the police you wouldnt expect them to go telling the person involved who it was would you.:matte-motes-grin:
  17. Can you exchange these Kudos for lindens or is it just some kind of point scoring thing?
  18. If this is your second account from a banned previous one then my guess is you have an IP ban which cannot be resolved unless you move house. If this is not the case maybe try filing a support ticket complete with all your computers hardware info and maybe get an answer
  19. Are u sure your neighbour next door isnt lowewering his land which may in turn cause your plot of land to raise..as in realife if u dig a hole u have to put the contents somewhere
  20. my friend has given me map tracking rights so how do i track them from the dashboard instead of going inworld..i was told if u hold your cursor over their name it tells you but i cannot get that to happen only a box popping up saying "visit them inworld" which i do not wish to do.
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