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  1. https://sites.google.com/site/zindrabusiness/home/four-corners-of-zindra This was the initial proposal by Ginette.....if you see Zindra is highlighted in very aspect...and she has thought this out to accomodate mostly everyones needs....and we were making progress with the Zindra Help Vortex..with speed builds..and the help lamp. I have attendteded numerous cals for help.. so has the Vortex staff. This name change proposal seems asine to me.....and more a personal grudge attack to undermine someones hard work. The Four Corners Proposal.. will be lost if this name change takes effect. I just wanna add that poeple have commented and said thier views here.. but no one has took the trouble to do what Ginette has.....its easy to sit at your keyboard and type unconstructive comments....saddly LL has been listening to the later then to the people who are working towards a better Adult SL.... I am not entirely sure if my rant here is goona be given any consideration. I firmly belive the name change has got no bearing on making the sand box more accessabile. Its just LL giving into constant bickering by some resident wanting to wreck what a few good people are trying to do. In conclusion..i feel sad for LL as theyare goona lose good hardwroking residents who are contantly feeling unappreciated for their contributions....
  2. Excellent Ideas.......I for one will try to participate more.........And urge everyone to do too.....May be a eerie fantasy story will be forte... heheheheh....well thought of proposal Ginette........Kudos
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