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  1. I get a flickering symbol (like a soccer ball) next to my cursor when the cursor is in my inventory box. Only there...otherwise it's fine. Anyone know why or what to do about it? Not hurting anything (i think) but very annoying. Than you
  2. Hi Everyone, I have been investing in Land on Zindra the ADULT Continent for a few years now. Not an investment for profit, but to form a small community for peaceful living in what has been a bucilic setting at the SE end. Piece by piece i and 2 friends, who both live there too, have acquired most of a sim. Again just for some quiet living and occasional drifts into adult fun... worry free. The only time we get 'strangers' in any great number, or home intrusions, might be during Zexpo WHICH we fully expect and try to have fun with it. Now, I'm sure we can expect a fair amount of noob
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