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  1. It also could be your animations running, sometimes this causes deformities such as the eyes and other things. What you want to do is reset the skeleton and animations, there is different ways to do this on different viewers, i use catznip which all you have to do is right click on your avatar and select fix avatar and then reset skeleton and animations. Ta Da!
  2. My Recommendation is use poses. I use to do this when I got tired of seeing my avatar moving all over the place, I've also seen other people do this as well. Find some good walking and running animations and then stick poses in for the stances. Other then that the slow moving animations are hard to find.
  3. I'm curious, I've been reading on the forums about different Mesh Bodies and some of them have some negative things going for them Maitreya doesn't give out Dev kits to certain people, Tmp is to closed off, Belleza doesn't give out Dev kits anymore(From what i heard). Based on some of this it makes me want to just leave Maitreya body behind and go back to my good old slink body. Anyone else feel like switching back to what use to work for them, Slink and being a creator, was always good to me. Stick with what treats you right? Would you go back to your first mesh body?
  4. I'm a New Fan of Normie Bento Head, its only 500 Linden on the marketplace! I was also tired of my Catwa Head. I switched to Normie and i'm not looking back!
  5. No it was that popular Club at the time, can't remember its name! Darn.. A friend recommended it, had alot of fun there.
  6. I use the outfit feature as well, I create a folder and make copies of each item i wearing and then create the outfit. Seeing as i wear mesh bodies and things that may change from outfit to outfit, such a collar color. It can be kind of a hassle but i like saving my outfits. I also use wardrobe which helps with putting outfits together.
  7. The system face is hard to work with. If you are using the basic viewer for second life you will run into the lighting issue. The only fix i can suggest is trying Firestorm viewer and go into your windlighitng settings change it to AnaLutetia-Avatar Opt whiter(This is located at the bottom right hand with the firestorm symbol button, Quick Peferences, click and find WL Sky), also go in your perferences go to graphics turn off Advanced lighitng model and make sure your point lighting, is sun and moon only. then restart. I use this all the time. Clean sharp textures and thats it. Tho if your are all about shadows and high graphics i wouldn't suggest this.
  8. Locked feature would be nice, I to would like to know if this is possible. Maybe using RLV?
  9. Those heel's look like they belong to slink high feet. Do you have slinks mesh High feet? If no, they are required for those shoes. You can buy the feet at SLINK Store.
  10. I've been getting Delivery and Delivery partially failed alot since yesterday. Reseting even putting up a new box still doesnt fix what ever the issues is.
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