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  1. Ironic that you say that, minecraft, which is java and also OpenGL, runs Alooot faster than my computer on my HTC HD2 running android and no overcocking, so it's feasible. Also, i don't think we're that far, with the release of the Quad Core 1.5ghz NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor in Q3 2011, which can outperform Intel's Core 2 Series of processors we will be able to have really close to xbox 360 graphics on portable devices, i'm sure that with the current devices with Adreno GPU chipsets something can be done to optimize stuff in order for it to work. the whole thing is Done, the only left is to optimize, port and adapt stuff for it to work on android. prolly a week worth of sum'd work. Tegra 3 in action. 
  2. First of all apologies for posting in a forum like this, there's none forum for third party viewers that i know off, and this is the one that seems the most fitting, and this really has to get out to people. ORACLE has this open source'd Virtual world viewer written in java that can surely be shrinked/optimized for android devices, also can serve as a less resource consuming solution for lower end and older computers/netbooks. The question is, who would take time of their own to work on this? Sadly i don't. i'm sure that we, SL habitants and android users alltogether would love having something else in our phones, because, let's be honest, who wants to pay 250L a week for a deficient cellphone text-based viewer?
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