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  1. Thanks so much. I'm almost positive that this is what happened. I was told by another friend in sl that this happened to them as well. I know no one in my rl got into my account, so this seems like the most obvious answer, especially since nothing is missing-inventory, lindens, etc.. As a fairly newbie, though, this griefer stuff is difficult to figure out sometimes and I suppose I just freaked a bit
  2. Thanks so much both of you...although I'm in the process of planning an event in world, I think I'm going to go ahead and file a report...hopefully, they won't keep me waiting too long
  3. What if there's nothing missing/changed, no Lindens reduced...just a suspicion?
  4. How do you know if someone hacks into your account?  I received an IM from someone accusing me of hacking into her account-she wasn't even near me, not a friend, and I have no clue how to hack anything.  The next day, I received a screen shot of another avi using inventory items that were 'tagged' as mine in the control panel, as well as an IM from a sl friend who was upset by something I apparently told her when I wasn't even on sl yet that day.  I changed my password, but don't know how to report this, or even if there's anything to report because I can't tell if I was hacked
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