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  1. hi :) i want to scale an existing rigged mesh avatar to make it bigger without having to redo the rigging from scratch. is there a way to do it? so far i tried scaling the model, scaling the model AND the skeleton, scaling the skeleton only and changing the system units in 3dmax. all results had the same size as the original after upload. i checked "include joint positions" on upload any ideas? :)
  2. one of the games in my store didnt work this morning after the update. when i checked i saw the scripts were all set to lsl instead of mono and they were all set to not running. after recompiling them they worked again. customers can´t do that though, so i hope this was only on my version of the game, have not heard any customer feedback yet, but it´s still early
  3. bone sliding (and also bone scaling) is not only usefull for face animations, it can also be very helpfull for stuff like muscles animations can we have it pretty please Linden lab? in bvh? (thats what most animation programs support, not anim) =)
  4. i hope that there soon will be tools for download like a poser figure for example so we can work with this without owning avastar =)
  5. interesting read on the topic, but no explanation how it´s done =) https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-10543
  6. hi =) just saw a character with an animated rigged mesh tail. it used the BUTT bone (usually used for avatar physics) for that. i would really like to mess around with animating the additional bones, but i have no idea how. i have poser 6 and 3dmax 2009 to work with. are there any (free) tools or usefull info, like tutorials, or poser skeleton files with the new bones? i couldnt find anything. thanks =)
  7. since the last update me and most other users of metabolt have serious inventory issues. it´s impossible to change outfits by rightclicking a folder and saying "replace outfit". wearing items one by one still works. i know LL doesnt support 3rd party viewers, but i think you at least should announce any changes to the inventory system if you roll them out... just my 2 cents ^^
  8. hi =) that raises a few questions. we run a car race sim. the racers have to buy a car to run in our races. after each race the best drivers get a payout from the sim owner. do these new rules apply to us? 2ndly we run demolition derbys... the racers have to pay the operator of the races 20 L$. after the derby the top 3 split the pot between them. do these new rules apply to us?
  9. blanc has been restarted twice too now. usually i get a message though when my orb gets a new email adress. didnt happen after the 2nd restart, so i dunno what that was about...
  10. hi =) this is how i did it in the past and just tested with 2 additional bones too (using max 2009): export as collada (with the autodesk plugin 2011.3.1) edit the dae file in a texteditor to make sure all bones are in it (the new bones are optional, old bones have to be all in) make sure you have the right number of bones in the line with the bonelist. 26 is default, and you have to add the optional bones to that number too, 28 in my test mesh). it would look something like this: <Name_array id="BodyController-Joints-array" count="28"> mPelvis mTorso mHipRight mHipLeft m
  11. i am glad too no i never used catnipz, only got it to fix the problem, after reading about that option in catnipz. usually i use singularity or rarely LL´s V3.
  12. fixed it! found out that catznip offers an option to rightclick such folders and select "return to lost and found". once they´re there you can edit them normally. closed the ticket as soon as i found that out, was too scared to have my account broken like the guy in that jira case.
  13. hi :) my inventory is messed up since today. a bunch of folders have been moved to the top level, outside of the "my inventory" folder. i can´t use or delete the folders or items in them, some of them are empty too. cache clear etc doesnt help, it does reload it in the broken state. any ideas how to fix it? contacted LL support, but i expect them to just tell me to get a premium account or get used to the mess :-(
  14. since saturday my ping seems good again. first i thought it´s because of the weekend, but it seems like above.net did something. i am using the same route, but without the problems. might be that i am wrong though, only tested 4 or 5 sims. but they all had good pings
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