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  1. {GLASS} Nightclub : Your Night Never Looked So Good! Opening event 02/15 5-9pm SLT! {GLASS} is not a club-out-of-a-box. Custom designed & decorated interior, this fun, intimate setting is open to all lifestyles. Our owners bring with them five years of experience in Second Life entertainment & club management, real life design & technical skill that will make this club one you will not want to miss. We are currently looking to hire the best dancers on the grid. What makes a dancer worthy of working at {GLASS} Nightclub? +Quality Skin, Hair, & Clothing +Creative & Compelling Emote Skills +A Fun-Loving, Positive Personality We are opening to hiring avatars of all types and all sexualities. No experience necessary & no SL age requirement provided you can perform to a high standard. Come check out the club and grab and application- we're hiring right now, so don't delay! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Entice/234/101/1212
  2. I'll be playing the best electronica at SL's newest club. We're trying for something rare on the grid, and we'd like for you to be a part of it! Come meet the crew and party with us tonight, it's going to be a great time. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ {GLASS} Nightclub : Your Night Never Looked So Good! Custom designed & decorated interior, this fun, intimate setting is open to all lifestyles. Our owners bring with them five years of experience in Second Life entertainment & club management, real life design & technical skill that will make this club one you will not want to miss. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Entice/234/101/1212
  3. It's always a good idea to post your full system specs in a post like this, might want to follow up with it. That said, I'm guessing you run Windows 7(possible 64-bit) with an NVidia graphics card. That's my setup. I have an amazing system capable of running MMOs and brand new games on Ultra, and yet I've been having fits with Second Life for the last two months. It hangs on texture cache or VFS initialization, and when I'm in world it's a lucky day when I can run on High with even basic shaders on without my graphics card crashing. I've looked into the problem, and from what I'm seeing it's not actually a problem with the viewer, it's a problem with a memory boost application that the NVidia graphics cards are using, which is clanging against something new with the viewers(I'm guessing mesh, but this is where my knowledge gets sketchy). There are other games/environments experiencing similar issues, including Minecraft. I'd love to tell you there's an easy solution, but there isn't. Always try to manually delete your cache files, do a clean reinstall of the viewer, update your drivers(though some people will suggest using old drivers for the NVidia issue, if that's your card). Google any of those for instructions on how to get it done. My current solution is to whimper and wait for new drivers and/or an updated viewer release in the hopes someone fixes the issue.
  4. I've been in SL about as long as you. I've heard people say just about everything that can be said about SL, and seen my share of drama and crazies, artistic excellence and emotional resonance. While it's nice that you seem to feel you're above whatever drama you've experienced, one thing has become clear to me over the years. Second Life isn't any different than Real Life in one key way: you will find whatever you seek out. People who seek out creativity find creativity. People who seek out friendship find friendship. And people who seek out drama, find drama. Sure, we all occasionally run into a crazy, but people can only make so much drama in your life without your involvement. If you've been disappointed by the people in your SLife, maybe rather than chalking it up to a fault in SL itself, consider looking at the kind of people you allow into your life. For every histrionic drama nut I've befriended in SL, I've met a grounded, very real person. A lot of it also depends on what people are here for. There is a higher percentage of drama llamas in crowds that are here purely for their own entertainment- and this includes otherwise stellar groups like roleplay and club subcultures. You'll find less of them, but still a healthy amount, in the retail creators and bloggers- there's a lot of competition, and that breeds some drama. From my experience only, the least dramatic groups are those that are here for creative or educational pursuits that have little or less potential for financial gain or fame. Sure, you'll still find some nutjobs, but that's true in real life too. The effect not seeing each other's faces and reactions has on the level of drama we see is pretty significant, I'd say- but it's not the whole story, nor is the drama a reason to write off SL. You are SL. It's not a product to be consumed. If you enjoy it here, create the sort of SLife you enjoy, and gather those around you with similar interests. Steer clear of the nuts and the drama llamas, and enjoy yourself. If you truly feel that the problem is SL and not you and how you deal with SL, then maybe the best option IS to walk away. But why post here how superior you are to the rest of these people? In that way you only appear to be adding to the reasons why SL is a "sad life" rather than being part of the solution. edit: Sorry if that came off as inflammatory, not my intent! I'm speaking from experience here on both sides of the fence. I've lost myself in drama, and learned to avoid it- without having to resort to being on the "fringe', only logging occasionally, or writing off large groups of residents. That's what I mean to point out- there's more to it than Sad Life.
  5. I was stunned a few weeks ago when someone I'd just met in world told me that he'd Googled my av name. When I did the same, I saw there was far more available about my avatar on Google than my RL information! Everything I've done on the web to support things I've done in SL is available. I don't find that it changed my approach to my RL information- as clearly, I've been far more careful with it than my avatar! What it brought to mind was that the ability to reinvent and redirect one's SLife with leaving or joining groups, changing appearance or reworking a profile doesn't bring as much of a fresh start as it seems- just like in real life, our identity remains constant in some respects, and we do have history!
  6. I've tried to find the answer to no avail, so here goes! On the forum(here), some of you have the tiny avatar picture like me, but then underneath it is a larger image. I can't for the life of me figure out how to accomplish that! Where in the settings does it indicate a second image? Halp halp!
  7. I second the response above about modeling. There are easily 100 models to every job, and most agencies that will take the inexperienced or untrained you will find are often schools that charge to train you how to become a model. What's more, modeling isn't like RL- the majority of modeling jobs are catwalk rather than photo shoot jobs, and catwalking requires even more than a nice looking avatar. Look into it if you're really interested, but understand it's a SLifestyle that takes as much energy and committment and being a content creator if you want to be "well paid" as you say. Greeting and still modeling is often more akin to camping, where you're earning pennies just to have your av online.  One of the easier and more lucrative jobs(working for someone else) in SL is DJing. A good DJ with a nice set list, the ability to do requests, etc can make a decent amount for a 1-2 hour set. Clubs are -everywhere- too, so that helps. A stream is pretty inexpensive, if you're really cash strapped you can even get a stream for a 24-hour period so you just get one during gigs at first. If you do that while looking into becoming a model, you might be able to circulate yourself a bit too. Don't overlook pulling up the classifieds in world and taking whatever's there. Try out something that doesn't sound as glamorous and you might end up loving it!
  8. There are a variety of long hairs from Magika that, depending on your pose, may cover everything necessary. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/22776
  9. I am looking to borrow, rent, or be lent an openspace sim for... a day, a week? Maybe more. I need the space to experiment with land textures and terraforming similar to 'earthwork' or 'land architecture' in real life. It won't cost or earn you anything- aside from the undying gratitude of an artist! Get in touch with me here, or better yet in world if you'd like to discuss details.
  10. Venus- they ask you to verify your av at a kiosk in world and then say there are no kiosks. After looking into it some more, it's entirely likely it's London's stuff. And yeah, none of them can be contacted for some reason. So I guess this issue's dead in the water. Sad... and hope they aren't getting ripped off.
  11. Complicating the issue is that the designer in question is Armidi. Contacting anyone at Armidi has pretty difficult since their we're-closing-oh-guess-not-just-going-to-poof thing they pulled last year. Is anyone up on what happened to those people? I tried to go to shoparmidi.com but I no longer have the av that had an account there and they don't have kiosks in world to register an account. Thus making a copyright report impossible. I love Armidi and feel sick that someone's so clearly ripping them off, I'm just not sure which direction to go in.
  12. I have come across a store on the marketplace that I am pretty sure has stolen content from a major designer, down to the product name and everything. I looked up the marketplace store owner and they have one little line of very badly mispelled text and no profile picture. This store has had multiple reviews raving about the quality- well no kidding, it's clearly this other designer's!! I'm just not sure I want to call this person out publically- because if I'm somehow wrong(I don't think i am), that would be the wrong thing to do. And is it even up to me to report content theft? Should I contact the designer I believe they are copying? These people even linked to a Torley flickr picture of these products at the ORIGINAL designer's store. Yet it's clear this person is not the original designer. What should I do?
  13. When it comes to relationships- romantic or platonic- one of the hardest things to do is to take a step back and assess whether either of you are meeting the other's needs. If you need something from your romances- be it lots of face time, affection, communication- and the other person isn't the kind of person that provides those things, then the fault falls away. You simply don't need or want the same things. Same with friendship. If for you, friendship means spending time on a weekly basis, keeping in touch, sharing secrets, then it's important you get that in friendship. If the person you've tried to be friends with doesn't provide that, then there's nothing wrong with moving on with your life. It's easy to fixate on not wanting to let go- or the guilt that comes with doing so. I've sometimes been accused of letting go too quickly, moving on too quickly- but I just don't feel the need to cause hurt or dwell on something that simply doesn't work for either party. I've been guilt of av hopping myself. I love a fresh start, a new face and name. But in the last four years I've come to realize that while a few of my friends have followed me through those changes, I probably would have built a lot more around me if I'd stayed in the same av from the getgo. I'm trying now to stick with Mirage and not be such an escapist.
  14. You don't have to be a professional, just someone interested in getting their pictures taken. I am a photographer, transitioning from amateur to professional, and want to gain experience working with others. I prefer to work on location rather than in a studio. I am looking for avatars with high quality skin, hair, clothing, and ao. Contact me in world any time. I look forward to hearing from you!
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