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  1. Greetings! I hope your friend has a thick wallet, because making a full rigged avatar in good quality requires special skills and knowledge, and tremendous amount of work so such a thing won't come cheap.
  2. Making Mesh requires skill and knowledge. Making GOOD Mesh requires INDUSTRIAL QUALITY SKILL. In the industry, anything lower than 30 USD per hour is a joke. Maybe a very desperate person would do it for as low as 20 USD per hour, but that is already hyper-cheap. If you want to pay less than this, then you are not looking for true quality - you are looking for average crap. Seriously, how can you expect a highly skilled professional, who can find work paying 30-120 USD an hour to work for you for lunch money? If you allow them to sell it themselves, then they can make actual profit and thu
  3. 35-100$L ??? As a designer making high quality items I cannot think of anything I would ever sell for so low as $L100. That price is ridiculous for anything of quality.
  4. Greetings! I'm a Mesh creator and generic builder. I could do this, but it is a lot of work so it wouldn't be cheap. Also, as said before me, the Li limitations make a big difference. it really depends on what you want exactly. Having some shacks, focks, boats etc. wouldn't take much, but the more detail and feature the more it takes. For the jungle, Linden trees is pretty much your only option - or at least the majority of it should be that because there is no other way to have a jungle from a low Li. I would refrain from sculpties as much as possible because while they have a hard coded Li
  5. Greetings! The idea is nice, but there are a few issues here. Please allow me to give you a honest opinion, so hopefully it helps you finding out what is the road you can take towards this. First, it has to match your legs exactly. Since the title says "fur furries" I guess it would need to fit anthro legs. If it doesn't have to be translucent, like nets, then it would rather partially replace the leg, bit still, it needs precise fitting with the rest and fitting it to something I didn't make (and thus don't have the 3D file for) is royal pain in the rump. Also, since it would fit a speci
  6. You can make it into a static model, and you DO NOT need Avastar. Simply apply the armature modifier, and you are done. Or if you just want a cloth or something covering a part of the body, you can try to use the Shrinkwrap Modifier, which technically wraps one mesh around another.
  7. Yes, I couldn't enable it because it didn't show up in the list of addons. I really hope those rumors turn out to be true, because the normal manipulation is simply a vital feature if you want to do professional quality work. And even though many say that Blender is never meant to be professional software, I think it is more than capable of it in the right hands. Until that, I'm just using the extra material method described above. It really isn't that much extra work.
  8. Drongle, I love you! I was trying to figure for a while how to solve this issue, and was actually thinking about leaving the extra face loop, just like as the first part of your method, either set invisible or with flipped normals, but the idea of including lot of extra, useless triangles just to get rid of those nasty hard seams made me frown... I was thinking about checking what I find in the Collada file, hoping for some structured data like XML, but your solution of simply giving it a mat with distinctive name and using that to easily find and remove it from the Collada is just brillian
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