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  1. OMG I am totally bookmarking this page and going to visit these places inworld. Thanks for sharing!
  2. You always share awesome tips Cajsa. Cropping is such an important part of the image, it could totally make or break it. I struggle with cropping myself so often and always doubt myself even after posting. This is great advice, definitely gonna be using it in the future!
  3. oh I love the curvy shape in the middle, she is totally sexylicious!
  4. Tattoo layers have made my slife SO much easier! Great post Gidge. <3
  5. This is so much fun, I'm going to share it on flickr and plurk too! Here's mine:
  6. Oh these are great links Harper, I didn't even know about Womenstuff. Thank you!
  7. No underwear for meeeeeee, I like to be skanky.
  8. Wow I love that picture! I know a lot of people tend to think dark skins and dark hair when they think of me (which I'm trying to change now because I don't want to be boxed into a specific kind of look) but I do enjoy trying on different skins that give me completely different looks. I don't change my shape though, kind of attached to it. As for your questions: 1. I don't think I represent any kind of race as I change myself around a lot, and I don't think it matters. 2. I think skins are getting better and better with more details and more variety. A few years ago it would be very difficult to find a decent dark skin on the grid, now I have an inventory full of them. Some of my most favorite dark skins are from: Dutch Touch, PXL, Glam Affair and The Body Co.
  9. Unfortunately I'm not completely fluent in any other language but I can imagine the familiarity one must feel reading something they can relate to and completely understand. I'm sure if more bloggers blogged in their own language, it would encourage others to do so as well. My only concern is you might lose english only readers. However there are some blogs in other languages I still look at because of their pictures and also google translate is extremely helpful.
  10. I think we need more gowns. I can never find any gowns to wear.
  11. Great advice from both Mr. & Miss Virtual World but I really wanted to say how much I agree with Mr. Jax Aster's first point, "Be yourself and make the style your own" so very important and great advice! Thanks for sharing Frolic!
  12. Excellent excellent post Harper! Great advice for newbies and even some of us oldies. Much needed post, thank you!
  13. Oh it is one of my biggest pet peeves when a designer does not offer lots of layers. I know now with viewer 2 and being able to add extra layers it's made things a lot easier. But some layers are made to look different. An undershirt layer will look different than a jacket layer, it will look tucked in and you just can't get that affect by doubling up. So glad you talked about this! Great post! <3
  14. Great post Whimsy. I am continuously amazed by the content that people create. Their creativity inspires me and I end up doing exactly what you outlined: pick an outfit, look for a sim, shoot an image. I love it, I love the whole process and I love all of the creativity channelling in from everywhere.
  15. I love big dangly earrings (in RL too) Some of my favs are from Kunglers, Mandala and Zaara.
  16. oh wow, that looks great! And I didn't even know about that hashtag on twitter. Going to start following it now. Thanks for the heads up!
  17. awwwww you like me! You really like me! Thank you <3 And great choices on the blogs!
  18. I agree with what Cajsa said! If it's just a small seam or something, I honestly probably won't even notice it. But quality is a must, especially for photography. It's hard to get inspired to do a great shot if the item is not made well.
  19. My favorite shoes on the grid RIGHT NOW are those thigh-high mesh boots from SLink. I love love looooove them! and another one of my fav shoes that I actually wore A LOT when I first got them, in so many blog posts were the Edith sandals from Nardcotix. They are just the perfect sandal to wear, simple, sexy and understated.
  20. You look gorgeous! I love that skirt and your favs are all my favs too. <3
  21. Great post Iris! I actually DO search on both flickr and iheartsl.com if I am ever looking for something in particular. If I can't find them there, then I will go hunting on marketplace.
  22. I just created a badge! So much fun. Thanks Harper!
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